What Are The Problems In LED Tunnel Lighting?

- Apr 24, 2018-

What Are The Problems In LED Tunnel Lighting?

The purpose of lighting on the road of the city's motor vehicles is to create a good visual environment for the drivers of motor vehicles, in order to ensure the safety of traffic, improve the efficiency of transportation, reduce criminal activities and beautify the city night environment.  Wholesale outdoor led tunnel lights are more important than ordinary road lighting, in order to ensure the continuity of travel, both day and night can not be separated from the lighting. There are several problems in tunnel illumination compared with Common road illumination: 

  1. Black hole effect when entering tunnel.During the daytime because of the difference in brightness between the tunnel and the outside, the tunnel entrance shows a black hole phenomenon.

  2. Into the tunnel after the dark adaptation. After the car is driven from the bright outside into the tunnel, it takes some time for the eyes to see the inside of the tunnel, which is "adaptive hysteresis".



  1. The internal visibility of the tunnel is low.Because the exhaust gas from the car can not dissipate quickly to form smoke, light absorption and scattering, reduce the visibility.

  2. The Baidong effect at the exit of the tunnel (daytime). Because of the high external brightness seen through the exits, the exit appears to be a bright hole with a severe glare. The purpose of wholesale 200w tunnel led lamps is to eliminate the above phenomena and ensure safe driving. To this end, the tunnel is usually divided into the threshold section, the Entry section, the Transition section, the basic section and the Exit section, each section through different lighting to create a safe and comfortable driving conditions.

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