What Are The Precautions Of Golf Course Lighting Design?

- Mar 26, 2018-

What Are The Precautions Of Golf Course Lighting Design?

When playing golf at night, there must be enough illumination to make the golf course lighting very high. Golf course lighting design illumination requirements are different from other sports venues, and the issues to be considered differ from those of other sports venues. Golf Lighting Design is a full use of space outdoor sports, people walking on the grass, the ball in the 10220m space flight, so in considering the stadium lighting, not only to consider the light of the players walk and the ball on the lawn when the illumination, and, more important, To make the field about the upper space of the field of light as evenly as possible, does not make the sphere dim. 


That is, the use of led flood light for golf course, with one or more large area of light source, or from a number of small light source, so that the light soft lighting to meet the players visual requirements, to do in the light and in the sun as well as can swing. For each hole, the tee is the primary area where the lighting should be designed so that the left-handed or right-handed players can see the end of the ball and the tee well without interfering with the serve. The level illumination general request achieves the 100~150LX, and the LED golf course lighting is mainly with the broad light to light, as far as possible from two directions carries on the illumination, avoids the ball, the club or the player's shadow falls in the sphere or the ball direction, affects the player's vision. When installed, the lamp bar is usually installed at least 115m at the back edge of the tee. For larger tee-sets, multiple directions are required (Fig 1), and the height of the lighting fixtures should be greater than or equal to half the total length of the tee, but not less than 9m. 

The installation practice shows that increasing the installation height will effectively improve the effect of the service platform, such as the use of 14m high pole lighting, the effect is much better than using 9m low medium rod illumination.

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