What Are The Maintenance Of Marine Led Flood Lights?

- May 29, 2018-

What Are The Maintenance Of Marine Led Flood Lights?

1. Try to avoid replacing the bulb with an electric charge. The bulb should be changed in accordance with the power supply voltage, and the power should not exceed the capacity allowed by the lamp.

2, in specific areas maintenance, such as auxiliary boiler internal, diesel engine the crankcase, ballast tank, ChuShuiGui place, such as temporary lighting must be used, must be used with a safety net to cover 36 v low voltage line under the lamp. When loading and unloading inflammable and dangerous goods, the portable cargo compartment lights shall not be used.

3. The emergency lighting lamps should be marked with red paint to show the difference, and the bulbs should be inspected regularly for good quality and the damaged lamps should be replaced in time.


4. Deck, ship bridge and other outdoor marine lighting fixtures should be removed from the canvas before the lights are turned on, and the canvas cover should be timely put in place after use.

5. In the outdoor water-tight socket, check whether the plug nut is tightened before electrification, check whether the power is cut off before taking out the plug, and tighten the waterproof cover after use.

6. Considering the load flow of power supply lines and switches, whether the distribution of each phase current is balanced and well equipped with protective devices.

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