What Are The Lighting Requirement Of Warehouse Lighting?

- Jul 22, 2018-

What Are The Lighting Requirement Of Warehouse Lighting?

In view of the high power consumption of the lighting in the dock warehouse and the lack of illumination, it is proposed that the loss of electric energy in the terminal production operation is one of the main costs. The scientific analysis method is adopted to carry out the warehouse lighting and energy-saving transformation methods.

Lighting status

Russia Port Branch has a length of 124.8 meters and a width of 68 meters. It is divided into four questions. The warehouse roof is about 13 meters high. The four warehouses are mainly stocked with soybeans, soybean meal and other food. The existing 110W sodium lamp is 5.2 meters long and has a total length of 124.8 meters. A sodium lamp is installed every other span. Now there are 100 piece, the installation height of the luminaire is about 8 meters, and the average illuminance is 4.1 lx does not meet the minimum average illumination of the warehouse specified by the state of 15-50 lx. The weak light brings certain safety hazards to the work.


Design basis and transformation plan

2.1 Led Warehouse Lighting requirements

2.1.1 Average illumination

According to the International Illumination Commission (CIE) and China's current lighting design standard GB50034-2004 "Industrial Enterprise Lighting Design Standards" recommended illuminance standards, combined with the actual work needs, the average illumination value is above 25-50 lx (see Table 1).

2.1.2 Protective performance

For the purpose of electrical safety and long-term reliable work, to avoid accidents, bulk granaries must choose lamps with good protection against electric shock and reliable insulation to prevent dust and gas from entering the transparent parts and reflectors of lamps igniting lamps, resulting in reduced light efficiencyThe LED warehouse lighting need to meet anti-corrosion, waterproof and dustproof.

2.1.3 Good light color and color rendering: Light source with suitable light color can create a good working environment and improve work efficiency. The operator is not prone to fatigue when working under the light for a long time, so the color selection is better. Metal halide lamps are not prone to visual fatigue.

2.2 Lamp selection

According to the structure of the four warehouses, the workplace requirements for the lamps should be explosion-proof, dust-proof, anti-glare, life, energy-saving and heat-resistant reliability. Considering the maintenance of the lamps after installation, the Siosun LG-UFO150WAS-30 lamps are used. Detailed performance characteristics And technical parameters are as follows:

Insulation Class I - Protection against electric shock

Enclosure protection IP65 - 6 maximum protection level: no dust entering; no water in any direction has no harmful effects.

Anti-corrosion grade WF2 - can be applied to any strong corrosive environment.

Power factor 0.95 - high power factor, improve power quality, common lamp power factor 0.5

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