What Are The Installation Conditions For The Football Field Lighting?

- May 24, 2018-

What Are The Installation Conditions For The Football Field Lighting?

What are the installation conditions for the football field lighting?

1. The audience has less or no entertainment, training ground lighting.

2. Lighting in the auditorium.

In the entertainment and football field lighting with little or no audience, the average illumination level of the competition venue is 50 ~ 1200Lux. The ratio of the minimum level of illumination to the average level of the training field is not less than 1:4.

In the auditorium, the lighting uniformity and illumination uniformity are higher. Because you have to think about the audience. For the audience, the visibility of the athletes is related to both vertical illumination and horizontal illumination. Vertical illumination depends on the direction and position of the floodlight. Because horizontal illumination is easy to calculate and measure, the reference value refers to horizontal illumination. The number of spectators varies greatly depending on the venue, and the viewing distance is related to the capacity of the venue. Therefore, the illumination required by the stadium will be increased with the increase of the stadium.



Absolute uniformity is impossible to achieve. However, as long as the lighting arrangement and economic conditions permit, the uniformity of illumination should not be less than 1:2.5.

Therefore, the lighting quality of a football field lighting depends on the level of illumination, uniformity of illumination and glare control. Lighting level needed for athletes and audience is not the same, for the athletes, the required illumination levels are relatively low, and the audience watch the game, is the purpose of lighting requirements are increased with the increase of viewing distance increase.

The lighting source of the football field can be made of metal halide lamp, high pressure sodium lamp and LED lamp. The choice of light source is determined by the time of use, the initial investment and maintenance cost of the project.

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