What Are The Illumination Of Badminton Court Led Lighting

- Mar 29, 2018-

What Are The Illumination Of Badminton Court Led Lighting?

The Badminton hall illumination usually uses three kinds of forms: namely natural illumination, artificial illumination and both uses the mixed illumination. 

The modern badminton court is mostly mixed illumination, in which the artificial illumination of badminton Court is general illumination. In the design of Badminton Hall, to make athletes accurately judge the pitch, height and placement, the first is to maximize the use of natural light, the effect of natural light is the best, of course, to prevent glare, can not let too strong light direct or reflect to the eye. The second is to increase the stability of illuminance and the uniformity of distribution. This is not only good for athletes, but also for the accurate assignment of referees and the appreciation of the audience is very important. 

Five years ago even three years ago, LED lights are not the first choice for badminton court lights, now, many problems have been solved. For example, light effect up, five years ago, 70lm/w, may be very high light effect, the current 120 lumens per watt, is more to be seen. 

Even 110,120,130. Another problem, is to solve the problem of light source dazzling, now this problem intelligent sea engineers also resolved, even staring at the light source to see a few minutes will not dazzling, this is a big change, before the indoor badminton court led lighting, can not stare at the light source for several minutes. Again, the concept of lighting design more advanced, fully eliminate the cause of dazzling lighting design factors, so the lamp is more dazzling. As for color rendering, it is a small matter, choose the High Color index of the lamp bead or light source. The color-rendering index of the light source refers to the ability to reproduce the target color realistically. The higher the index, the more realistic the target color.


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