What Are The Differences Between Led Tunnel Light And Led Flood Light?

- Jun 26, 2018-

What Are The Differences Between Led Tunnel Light And Led Flood Light?

There are many overlaps between floodlights and tunnel lights. The classification of the two is different. One is the classification of installed sites, and the other is the installation of light distribution charts. Specifically, tunnel lights belong to spotlights. Compared with other floodlights, tunnel lights have four characteristics.

1. Protection level

 LED tunnel lights have higher protection requirements, IP65 is standard, and it must have certain shockproof capacity because the passing vehicles will cause some vibration to the walls of tunnel lights.

 2. Light distribution requirements

 Generally, the projected light has a smaller projection angle, and the light distribution of the tunnel light should be suitable for bat type light distribution. The supplemental optical interval between the two or two tunnel lights avoids dark areas.


3. Adjust the angle

 Tunnel lights must have angle-adjustable brackets to provide engineers with easy access to light in tunnel lights, and the brackets should not cause structural damage to the tunnel walls.

 4. Glass settings

 The tunnel lamp's glass cover can be opened for easy maintenance.

For tunnel lights, maybe you need these products:

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100W LED Tunnel Lighting

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