What Are The Difference Between Wholesale Waterproof High Bay Light And Metal Halide Lamp?

- Apr 10, 2018-

What Are The Difference Between Wholesale Waterproof High Bay Light And Metal Halide Lamp?

LED high bay light is called the fourth generation of energy-saving lighting products, environmental protection: no mercury, no ultraviolet light. Energy Saving: High luminous efficiency, the current mass production reaches 140lm/w. Long life: 70% lumen maintenance life of 50,000 hours. Not afraid of vibration, can achieve dimming, intelligent control.

Metal halide lamps belong to high gas discharge lamps. They have a small area of light emitters, light gathering, long irradiation distance and strong penetrating power. However, they have slightly poor light color, slow start-up and high UV content, and are suitable for use in high places such as roads and stadiums.

Ultraviolet light content Ultraviolet light is a terrible light that can cause serious damage to human eyes and skin, causing eye disease and skin cancer. The ultraviolet content of traditional light sources is very high, such as metal halide lamp UV content of 34% of the total luminous flux, long-term work under the metal halide lamp will cause considerable damage to the human body, wholesale led high bay 400w does not contain ultraviolet light.

Restart ability After the metal halide lamp is turned off, it needs to wait for a period of 10 minutes before it can be restarted. Otherwise, it will be burned and inconvenient for use.

  Glare is light pollution, which is caused by improper matching of the light source itself or the light source. Working under glare can cause visual fatigue and visual errors. It is also a major cause of myopia. Metal halide lamps cause the light to be refracted due to the uneven manufacture of glass bulbs, and therefore their glare is very serious, and they are point light sources, and it is easy to form a focus with the luminaire to cause glare.

Strobe Light is a type of light pollution that is caused by periodic changes in the luminous flux of a point light source with alternating voltage. Strobe is the "invisible killer" of the lighting environment, causing myopia and migraine headaches. The strobe of the metal halide lamp is very serious. The eyes of the person will feel the flashing of the light, which is a great harm to the human visual system. The wholesale 200w UFO led high bay lights does not flicker because it rectifies the alternating current into direct current, and the voltage of the direct current does not change periodically.

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