What Are The Design Standards Of Outdoor Football Field Lighting?

- Jun 11, 2018-

Football field lighting is divided into indoor football stadium lighting and outdoor football stadium lighting, which lamp should be installed depends on the venue. How to determine the standard is based on the features of the football field, which is divided into seven levels, training and entertainment illumination 200lx, amateur competitions 500lx, professional game 750lx, general TV broadcast 1000lx, large-scale international competitions HD television 1400lx, TV emergency 750lx.

1. Light source choice

1. 1. led flood light should be used in gymnasiums with building height greater than 4 meters. High power led flood light is used in both outdoors and indoors football field lighting.

It is the main light source that sports lighting color TV relay should give priority to.

  1. The power selection of the light source is related to the number of lamps and light sources used and meanwhile refers to the uniformity of illumination and glare in the quality of football field lighting .


A number of other parameters have an effect. Therefore, choosing light source power according to field conditions can make lighting scheme obtain high-cost performance.

The power of body lighting source is classified as follows: the power over 1000W (excluding 1000W) is high power.

The following is a small power. The light source power should be suitable for the size, installation position, and height of the competition site. The outdoor stadium is suitable for use

High - power and medium - power metal halide lamp, indoor gymnasium appropriate to use medium - power metal halide lamp.

1. 3. The luminous efficiency of metal halide lamps with different power is 60~100Lm/W, and the color rendering index is 65~90Ra

The color temperature of halide lamp is 3000~6000K depending on its kind and composition. For outdoor sports facilities generally, require 4000K or 6000K.

Higher, especially in the twilight can match the sunlight. It usually requires 4500K or more for indoor sports facilities.

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