What Are The Design Requirements Of Baseball Stadium Lighting?

- Jun 06, 2018-

What Are The Design Requirements Of Baseball Stadium Lighting?

Inside and outside the field intensity of illumination and the calculation of the uniformity in baseball stadium lighting , lighting requirements are different from another stadium, stadium area is about 1.6 times the length of a football field, the shape of the fan, the difference of diamond and illuminance value of the field, in general, diamond is higher than the average illuminance on the field by about 50%, the average illuminance so field intensity of illumination evenness is difficult, that is, to consider to diamond and illuminance value of the field at the junction.

 Expect the value of the diamond and the field intensity of illumination design into a significant difference, the more hope that the diamond with the field line become the watershed of illuminance value discretion, reducing and diamond adjacent field area of illuminance value, to narrow the differences of the region and the field arc edge area of illuminance value, in order to improve the field intensity of illumination evenness. 


When the design must be projected points for each light lamps and the selection and calculation of the beam Angle one by one, when necessary, also need to adjust the height of the light pole, to ensure that the baseball field of all kinds of lighting indicators in line with the international commission on illumination (CIE) standards and the domestic relevant standards of the venue. Baseball stadium lighting design, not only to meet the average vertical lighting and average horizontal lighting, but also to achieve the uniformity of vertical lighting and the ratio coefficient of horizontal lighting. In addition, it is necessary to limit the value of dazzle index, and choose the light source with high color index and corresponding color temperature, so as to meet the basic functional requirements of the lighting baseball field. 

Ensure normal skill training and the game of baseball players night play, ensure color TV broadcast at the same time, clearly reflect the athletes instantaneous action and action and motion, and able to capture the motion trajectories of baseball. 2. The determination of the projection point and the limitation of dazzle can be achieved from the determination of the projection point, the adjustment of the height of the lamp pole, the selection of the light beam Angle and other factors. The four shots on the curve line of the baseball field are all aimed at the home base point of the field, so it is easy to generate glare for the catcher to determine the illumination value of the vertical direction. , therefore, to limit the ballpark glare index, is the key point in lighting design, must be a lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns of a calculated again and again, again modification, until satisfied with the calculated value.


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