What are the characteristics of perfect LED underwater attracting fish lamp?(Three)

- May 12, 2017-

Why do some fish can feel the polarized light?

Recent studies show that many fish photosensitive polarized light.Humans have no ability to polarization is separated from the normal light.Conventional light in all directions perpendicular to the direction of marching vibration;However, only in one plane polarized light vibration.When light is seen by many non-metallic surface (including sea surface reflection, it is polarized to a certain extent.This explains the working principle of polarized sunglasses: they block from the ocean surface level reflection polarization component, resulting in most of the glare, but vertical reflection components will be allowed to pass.

Don't fully understand why some fish can feel the polarized light, that can detect polarized light may be associated with the following facts: when light is reflected on the surface, like the scales on the bait fish, it is polarized.Fish can detect polarized light has an advantage in search of food.Polarization vision can also enhance the contrast between the prey and almost transparent background, make the game easier to see.Another guess with polarization vision allows the fish to see far away from the object, is three times as often visual distance, without the ability of the fish, you need more bright light.

Why the glo-sticks particularly popular with fishermen?

The color of the fluorescent lamp, especially the glo-sticks, very welcomed by fishermen.Cast the glo-sticks into the water, even if it's just to see if the region has a fish.Under the right conditions, fluorescent color underwater visibility is very high.Fluorescence is when exposed to have the short wavelength of optical radiation.For example, when exposed to ultraviolet light, blue or green light, fluorescent yellow to bright yellow.

Fluorescence color of fluorescence is mainly due to the ultraviolet (UV) light, this is our the color of the invisible.Humans cannot see ultraviolet light, but we can see how it conveys a certain color fluorescent.Uv special advantage in cloudy or grey day, when ultraviolet rays have fluorescent material, the color becomes particularly strong and vibrant.In the sunny days, the fluorescent effect is much smaller, if there is no light, of course, there will be no fluorescence.

Studies have shown that compared to the conventional color fluorescent color more visible and obvious for long distances, bait and a fluorescent material is usually more attractive to fish (increase contrast and transmission distance).More precisely, with slightly long wavelength fluorescence color than the color of the water has better visibility for long distances.

As you can see, the light and color can become quite complicated.Fish is not very clever, they attack prey or bait, as one or more to stimulate the motivation of instinctive behavior.These stimuli including movement, shape, sound, contrast, odour, colour and other things we are unknown.Of course we need to consider other variables, such as time of day, the tides and fish or other aquatic environment.

It can be seen that the perfect LED underwater lunar lamp has the following characteristics: 1) high strength, 2) emits light in a color similar to fish space (blue or green), 3) powered by portable power supply, 4) The ease of operation and stability 5) the use of polarized optical materials and fluorescent materials 6) odor, sound, spectrum and mobile light graphics intelligent control and integration.

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