What are the characteristics of perfect LED underwater attracting fish lamp?(Two)

- May 12, 2017-

Most fish have enough vision, but the sound and smell in fish for food or predators play more major role in the information.Fish often use their hearing or smell to preliminary perceive their prey and predators, and then used in the final attack or escape their eyesight.Some fish can see objects on the perimeter.Tuna fish such as vision very well;But in most cases.Fish is myopic, although the shark's vision is quite good.

As fishermen seeking catch fish in optimal conditions, the fish catch the best opportunity areas also looking for food.Most game fish waters looking for rich food, such as fish, insects or shrimp.Also, the small fish, insects and shrimp in the largest concentration of food.

All members of the scientific research shows that the food chain is sensitive to the color of the blue and green.It may be that the water absorption of the longer wavelengths of (Mobley 1994; Hou, 2013).The color of the water depends largely on the internal composition, combined with the light in the water absorption spectrum.Colored dissolved organic matter in water will soon absorb blue light, and then green, then yellow (exponential decay for wavelength), so that the water is brown.Please keep in mind that the water pervious to light window is very narrow, red light absorbed quickly.

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Some members of the fish and the food chain color receptors in their eyes, optimization for the "space" of the light.You can see a single space color eyes can detect the change of light intensity.The equivalent of a black, white and grey shades of the world.In the simplest level of the visual information processing, animal can realize something on its space is different, namely where there is food or predators.Most live in the lighting world animals have extra visual resources: color vision.According to the definition, the requirements they have contains at least two different visual pigment color receptors.In order to effectively perform this function in irradiate water, aquatic animals will be sensitive to background "space" color visual pigments and deviation of one or more of the blue-green color visual color, for example in the spectrum of red or ultraviolet region.This provides a clear these animals survival advantage, because they are not only can detect the change of light intensity, can also detect color contrast.

Many fish have two color receptors, for example, one in the blue area of the spectrum (425-490 nm), another in the near ultraviolet (320-380 nm).Members of the insects and shrimp, fish food chain, there are blue, green (530 nm) and the near uv receptors.In fact, some aquatic animals in the eyes as many as ten different types of visual pigments.Humans, in contrast, in the blue (442 nm), green (543 nm) and yellow (570 nm) with three kinds of maximum sensitivity.

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For a long time, we know the light is in the evening can attract fish, shrimp and insects.But what is the best color light to attract the fish?Based on the biological visual receptors, the light should be blue or green.However, despite the blue or green light is desirable, but not required.Even if the fish or the members of the food chain eyes are most sensitive to blue or green color receptors, these same receptor reduced susceptibility to other color very quickly.So, if a fishing light strong enough, other colors will also attract fish.For example, has the yellow sodium lamp will attract fish - if strong enough.But there is no doubt that, sodium lamp power consumption is high.

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