What Are The Advantages Of 1000W Led Flood Light?

- May 16, 2018-

What Are The Advantages Of 1000W Led Flood Light?

   LED lighting fixtures are made of heat-dissipating aluminum, high-power LEDs, and LED power supplies are called high-power LED floodlights. They are also called high-power LED spotlights, high-power LED spotlights, etc., and are mainly based on different applications. Appearance is divided into round or square or long strip, power from 3 watts

to 1 kW.1000W led flood light is mainly used for tunnel lighting, outdoor flood lighting, architectural decorative lighting, industrial place lighting, sports centers and outdoor stadiums, ports, docks, etc.

The main heat-dissipating component of the lamp is an ultra-high-heat-conducting aluminum material, and the heat-dissipating element is preferably a scale-type or copper-column type or height-increased and stable long-life fan.


The use of highly transmissive, high-refractive optical glass lenses, effectively improving the reflectivity and ensuring the luminous flux output, efficient and reasonable light distribution technology.

High-strength tempered glass, after special treatment, has better light transmission and anti-ultraviolet function.

Stable rectification, constant current drive LED power supply, instantaneous drive, power factor above 0.96 make power supply more efficient, 50,000 hours operation without failure.

High-performance integrated 10 watts or more LED or more than 1 watt LED to reduce the cost of the use of integrated LED, focusing on the use of multiple light beads

With red, green, blue, yellow, white and other colors

LED environmental protection without pollution: cold light source design, no heat radiation, no harm to eyes and skin.

Humanized structural design, light fixture installation and maintenance easier. The installation angle can be adjusted from -45° to 75°, suitable for a variety of installation methods

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