What Are Flood Lights?

- Dec 15, 2018-

What are flood lights?

Flood lights are the most popular type of lights that are used outdoors. Basically, flood lights are used to illuminate large areas. You probably have seen some sort of flood lights outdoors, for example, street lights in city are also type of flood lights. 

The definition of flood light could be – lighting fixture that is mostly used for outdoor application to illuminate larger areas at night. What makes flood lights so popular is the large amount of lighting they can produce, which is perfect for illuminating large areas like stadiums.

Floodlights provide a great deal of light to the area in which they are placed. They also serve other purposes however. Many people install floodlights near their homes to light up their driveways or yards. Businesses also use floodlights near their buildings and in parking lots. Because floodlights display a lot of light, they are ideal to use as a security and safety measure to discourage criminals.


What are flood lights used for?

Flood lights are versatile devices with many different uses and that is why it is important to know what you are going to use them for; if you are concerned about your home’s security, you can choose dusk to dawn lights which turn on at sunset and shut off at dawn. Lights with motion sensors are also used as a safety feature which prevents you from wasting power. Apart from keeping you safe and comfortable, flood lights should also complement your home’s decor, so make sure to choose the ones with the right type of finish. Most aesthetic finishes include aluminum housings covered in colored lacquer, stainless steel and copper.LED flood lights are used for both residential and commercial purposes.  Below are some examples of these:

Security Lighting

Flood lights are installed at homes along with security systems.  The bright and clear light is an added feature, which allows cameras to capture more visible images.  Motion sensor lights also help deter possible intruders.

Cities all over the country have also started using LED floodlight for public areas.  Parks and other pedestrian areas are a lot safer with the additional lighting.  It eliminates shadows, thereby preventing accidents and crimes.

Indoor Lighting

One popular use of LED flood lights is for indoor lighting at stadiums and arenas.  These are positioned high up so these can illuminate a larger area. This is important especially for sports games where athletes need to be able to clearly see to play efficiently. Spectators can also enjoy the games as the actions happening on the court or field are easy to see. The light is comparable to daylight so it does not cause much strain to either the athletes or the audience.

Warehouses and factories also use LED flood lights to give workers or employees a comfortable and safe working environment. Since the light, which is given off emits less heat, there is no danger of the building becoming uncomfortably warm, which might cause health hazards.

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