Urban landscape lighting can not blindly develop should beware of "light pollution"

- Jul 08, 2017-

Landscape lighting market is a prosperous scene, however, we must also pay attention to the improper landscape lighting brought about by the "light pollution" problem.

After the night falls, outdoor lighting, shopping malls on the advertising lights, neon lights sparkling, dazzling, and some strong light even straight into the sky, making the night as the day, the formation of "artificial day." This phenomenon makes it difficult to sleep at night, resulting in low efficiency during the day. People in such a long-term environment, there will be dizziness, insomnia and other symptoms of neurasthenia, the normal biological clock is disturbed, the human brain central nervous system is seriously affected. The public on the outdoor LED display and signs of light pollution caused by the increasing number of complaints and complaints.

As early as December 2014, "Chengdu outdoor advertising set technical management requirements" has been formally implemented. "Provisions" clear, outdoor LED display the latest closing time of 22:30. In the recent Shanghai Green City Bureau of legislation research "Shanghai landscape lighting management approach (draft)" proposed that the issue of light pollution should pay attention.

How in the process of urban landscape lighting, attention to human and animal and plant survival environment and health? How to do "green" landscape lighting? Landscape lighting should adhere to people-oriented.

1, consider safety and reliability

In the landscape lighting design and construction, the choice of lighting equipment, electrical equipment, control systems should ensure the maturity of the technology, reliability, but also pay special attention to safety. Safety means that it will not cause harm to the surrounding person or damage to the environment. Safety also includes the lamp itself and its power distribution device mechanical strength, electrical, construction, operation, installation safety.

2, consider the glare problem

Night when the light in the line of sight within 45 ° within the projection will cause glare, people can not identify the object, affecting walking and viewing, and even traffic accidents, so the direction of light projection should avoid people's attention. On the other hand to prevent light pollution and affect people's normal life and work. Such as the impact of room into the rest, to the sky affect the astronomical observations.

3, consider animal and plant and human health problems

Should be based on the function of the landscape type, the surrounding landscape environment, theme style and night lighting use, to determine the level of illumination and select the appropriate lighting design;

Should avoid the overflow of light on the passers-by, the surrounding environment and the impact of garden ecology. The lighting of the lawn should take into account the impact of personnel activities in the park, the light should be from the top down, should avoid the astigmatism on the environment and people caused by light pollution.

4, intelligent centralized management of landscape lighting

Providing a reasonable design for night lighting is the most fundamental way to control light pollution. Urban night lighting control should be intelligent centralized management, decentralized control method. For example, the control of flood control can be used in normal mode, holiday mode, a major holiday mode; advertising, decoration, road lighting and other switch control can be used microcomputer timer switch or light control timing off mode.

1, Turkey kIrIkkale merkez nur mosque lighting design

The kirikkale merkez nur mosque is located in the Anatolian district of Turkey, designed by the Turkish architect necip dinc, completed in 2015 and can accommodate 10,000 pilgrims.

city lighting.png

To make this pilgrimage the focus of the city, Zeve Lighting Design from Istanbul chose to use a lighting strategy that highlights the features of the mosque. They use different colors of light to create a visual sense of the surface of the building. Half of the dome is not brightened, carved exquisite windows with narrow beam light from the bottom up to light, light and shadow under the interaction of the formation of the overall image of the building. With cold white light highlights the main dome of the curve, with warm white light to increase the light tower drift black and dome top of the Islamic logo. Embed a fixed lamp on the niche of the tower to illuminate the rectangular window of the light tower.

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