Ultrathin LED Panel Light

- Jul 27, 2017-

300*1200 LED Panel Light.png

Ultra thin square LED panel lamp product characteristics:

1. side light source, LED through the light guide plate with high light transmittance after the formation of a plane very uniform luminous effect, uniform light, bright, soft and comfortable, not dazzling; super bright LED light source, light angle, compared with ordinary fluorescent lamps, energy saving more than 70%;

 2. panel light side light radiating structure design with good heat, rapid export, shell temperature < 20 degrees, prolong the whole life of the lamp light source, the average life expectancy of more than 50000 hours;

3. thin and light, easy installation, installation of the same specification to replace embedded ceiling grille lamp or ceiling and ceiling integrated; or suction mounted on the wall or on the ceiling; or lifting on the ceiling, the use of flexible space;

4. panel lamp with external isolation, high PF constant current constant voltage power supply, instant start, no glare, no noise, no RF interference;

5. unique circuit design, to avoid the single LED damage leading to other lamp is not bright;

6. panel lamp sealing, not easy to dust mixed with insects, high color index, bright color, can well restore the object color; simple appearance, exquisite high-grade, can be used for decorative art appreciation; can be used on the wall when the wall lamp or as backlight art advertising etc.;

7. has passed certification: CE, RoHS;

8. extra long 5 year shelf life.

Ultra thin square LED panel lamp range:

1. Hotel, conference room or office;

2. hospitals, schools;

3. places requiring energy saving and requiring high color rendering index lighting

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