Types of bowling green floodlighting schemes

- Jan 18, 2018-

Types of bowling green floodlighting schemesClass I / Class IIHigh-level competition bowling at county regional levels with medium spectator capacities. Using four 10M corner mounted masts with 3 x 300w SportPro LED floodlights mounted on each. This will achieve a lighting level of 200lux with a 0.7 uniformity.Class IIILow-level competition / club level bowling with minimal or no spectators. Using four 8M corner mounted masts with 2 x 300w SportPro LED floodlights will achieve a lighting level of 100lux with a 0.6 uniformity.We have developed a telescopic floodlighting solution for small games areas and bowling greens.This system can help rural clubs gain planning consentby using retractable lighting masts that are only 3m high when not in use.Visit retractable floodlighting systems for more informationJust some of the local bowling greens we have installed floodlighting.Victoria Bowling Club, Stockport. Fixed HID system 100luxGrappenhall Ex-Servicemens Club, Warrington. Fixed HID system 100luxPrestbury Bowling Club, Macclesfield, Retractable HID system 100luxMottram St Andrew Bowling Club, Wilmslow. Retractable HID system 100luxEccleston Lane Ends Bowling Club, St Helens, LED Floodlighting system .200luxSpring Gardens Bowling Club, Marple Bridge, Manchester LED Floodlighting upgrade 100luxShelton Bowling Club, Shrewsbury, LED floodlighting system 200luxPack Horse Bowling Club, Macclesfield, Cheshire LED Floodlighting upgrade 100luxMacclesfield Bowling Club, Macclesfield, Cheshire. LED floodlighting scheme 200lux

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