Tunnel lighting

- Jul 17, 2017-

tunnel light.jpg

High quality light high brightness LED light source

Light and scientific and reasonable, to meet the various sections of the tunnel lighting uniformity and anti-glare requirements

Modular design of the light source, each module can be installed separately disassembly, easy maintenance, reduced a series of costs

Series of products are rich, to meet the introduction of the tunnel section, the transition section, the basic section and the export section of the four sections of lighting requirements

Amber color LED flood light is widely used in tunnel lighting, architectural lighting.

Some special visual phenomena must be considered in tunnel lighting. In order to optimize the design of tunnel lighting, it is necessary to understand some basic visual problems. During the day, the driver will encounter the following visual problems when entering the tunnel: just entering the tunnel due to the brightness of the day outside the tunnel is much higher than the tunnel, if the tunnel is long enough, the driver saw a dark hole, This is the "black hole" phenomenon; if the tunnel is very short, then in front of the driver out of a "black box." After entering the tunnel from the bright outside into a dark tunnel, the visual will have a certain adaptation time, and then to see the situation inside the tunnel, this phenomenon is called "adaptive hysteresis." In the middle of the tunnel, the light emitted by the vehicle is gathered and the smoke is formed. The light of the car's headlamps is absorbed and scattered by these fumes to form a light curtain and reduce the brightness contrast between the front obstacle and its background (pavement, wall) , Affect the visibility of obstacles, to the visual function of adverse effects. The tunnel exit will be a very bright exit, the driver will have a strong glare, which can not see the road, prone to a car accident. For this tunnel lighting is usually divided into entrance lighting, internal lighting and export lighting. Which the requirements of the entrance lighting more stringent requirements from the outside world with similar brightness gradually reduced. Specifically, the brightness of the daytime tunnel entrance lighting is determined by the brightness, speed, the field of view at the entrance, and the length of the tunnel.


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