The use of thermal conductive double-sided adhesive in the LED industry

- May 19, 2017-

Here I will heat the double-sided adhesive in the specific application of the LED light industry to be a simple overview.

1. Thermal double-sided adhesive in LED fluorescent lamp (long strip) such as T8, T5 lamp application

LED fluorescent lamp in the PCB board and heat between the aluminum paste on the double-sided adhesive, with a little force can be, the thermal effect than other thermal material effect is remarkable. At the same time replaced with a screw or a retainer, the use of simple and convenient operation, help to improve production efficiency.

2. Thermal conductivity of double-sided adhesive in the application of spotlights

Jiang conductive double-sided adhesive stickers placed in the spotlight between the PCB board and heat sink, afterburner, the heat sink is firmly fixed on the PCB board

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