The ubiquity of LED

- Feb 06, 2017-

Public transit

Cycling on the road at night is very unsafe, especially in the absence of street lights. So there will be these can be worn or installed in the bicycle LED device, used to remind people to go through the night.

Traffic devices are:

Japanese Lexus specially made a car, the designer in the car body covered 41999 programmable LED lights, you can show light show, but also follow the music show 3D screen!

Virgin Atlantic's Boeing 787 Dreamer aircraft's backlight can change color, to help you adapt to jet lag.

Potted plant

With the development of science and technology, intelligent technology everywhere, even if the plants are not afraid of the sun indoors the sun, which several intelligent LED potted plants, LED light simulation of natural light, make up for lack of sunshine problem, easily eat fresh vegetables and fruits.

Sports equipment, wearable equipment

This intelligent yoga mat, cushion surface perception system can be spread to APP, through the sensor to record, yoga mat LED lights will help to indicate the correct posture position, easy to practice.

Household products

Through the LED light plate and coasters, easy to distinguish the same time, is not to drink water and eat has become more fun.

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