The rise of the 5 major applications, such as AR, and the rise of infrared LED

- Apr 18, 2018-

The rise of the 5 major applications, such as AR, and the rise of infrared LED

Blu ray LED is overcapacity, but the growth of the infrared LED related applications in 2017 is rising. In addition to a wide range of security monitoring, new applications include facial and iris identification, heartbeat blood oxygen sensing, virtual reality (AR), vehicle sensing, and so on, which will bring unlimited business opportunities.

Infrared development has been a long time, Taiwan, China has no lack of old manufacturers, with the rise of various types of applications, ye Yin chairman Ye Yin Fu all agree, the growth of infrared products is higher than the blue light, green light LED.

The current stage of infrared LED is mainly in the fields of "urban safety" and "night vision lighting for vehicles". The former is mainly the safety monitoring market. The latter is for vehicle night vision lighting, with sensitive lenses. It can detect the road ahead at night or at low light level.

As for the rise of demand for mobile payment, it has promoted the demand of facial identification and iris identification. Under the iris recognition of Fujitsu and Samsung mobile phones, it is expected to attract other mobile phone brands to follow up and even further expand the "arms race" to enhance the hardware specifications.

In addition, the reflex heartbeat oxygen sensor module is mainly based on healthy exercise function at present stage, and is mainly sold to wearable devices. If future applications can be directed to home care, education and training, and driving attention assisting systems, the needs of the reflex type heartbeat oxygen sensor module will be pushed up.

In virtual reality, it is estimated that the output value of the infrared LED in virtual reality device in 2016 is $14 million, and will continue to grow in the future. In 2017, in addition to the three major virtual reality devices, the new manufacturers, such as Tencent, Nintendo, Microsoft and Dell, are going to enter the market.

However, due to the different design of different manufacturers, plus product development, capacity planning and other factors, will affect the number of infrared LED market demand.

The end is infrared application in the car market, infrared LED and infrared laser (VCSEL) is applied to the car market gradually. Since 2000, the international car factory is developing for the safety technology of the car. In 2010, the safety technology gradually extended to the related research of the driver in the cabin. It is estimated that the development focus on the driving after 2020 is aimed at driving. We need to detect immediate physiological perception and state in order to reduce accidents. With the added value of the vehicle's lifting vehicles, the infrared sensing is also introduced, and the automatic driving assistance system (ADAS) brings unlimited business opportunities to the infrared sensing market.

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