The Pojects Of Led Street Lights And Tunnel Lighting

- Mar 26, 2018-

The Pojects Of Led Street Lights And Tunnel Lighting

xi'an Expressway LED street lights and tunnel lighting projects, including highway east, machine-loaded highway west, South light highway, as well as the large plum sand tunnel, a total of 120 kilometers, is currently the domestic application of LED street lights, the most stringent highway projects. 

The project completed the lighting of the 6-lane 2 emergency lane, including led street lights, tunnel lights, and high mast lighting. Among them, the led tunnel light replaced the original high-pressure sodium lamp, the average illuminance, brightness fully comply with the main road lighting requirements, lighting effects are widely recognized. Benefit analysis: New LED lighting project calculation. 


The project cost of the high pressure sodium lamp and the LED tunnel light are compared by using the same tunnel illumination project respectively. If the use of high-pressure sodium lamp, each kilometer tunnel needs 100-kilowatt when the high-pressure sodium lamp 530, lighting total investment of 769,000 yuan, distribution line investment 167,000 yuan, total investment of 936,000 yuan. However, if the use of LED lights, to meet the same lighting standards under the premise of only led tunnel lamp 286, lamps total investment of 429,000 yuan, than the use of high pressure sodium lamp down 44%, distribution line investment 84,000 yuan, down 50%, total investment total 513,000 yuan. Plus the LED operating life savings of 1.017 million yuan, lamp maintenance expenditure of 212,000 yuan, the entire new lighting project from investment to the late operation of the cost of expenditure, the same year high pressure sodium lamp save 1.742 million yuan.

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