The new one-piece LED high-ceiling lamp -LED high bay light

- Jul 14, 2017-

LED High bay light.jpg

UFO LED High bay light

Small size large-scale use, industry first

Can be used for factories, parking lots, warehouses, workshops, schools, supermarkets and so on

Technical characteristics

New integrated industrial and mining lamp design, light weight, high brightness, angle selection, dust and better waterproof

Surface with anodized black treatment, according to customer requirements selected power to meet the needs of various occasions;

Shape no fouling design, more conducive to LED cooling, improve lamp life;

Excellent thermal management patent design can effectively ensure long-term stability of LED light tube work, effective control of light attenuation problem.

The use of excellent optical design makes the whole light out of light efficiency, luminous uniform, light utilization rate of up to 95%

Using high-end Citizen City or Tak Cheong Runda LED light source, high brightness, light decline, long life

Using the internationally recognized Mean well power supply, ventilation and heat, in line with safety regulations to ensure the use of safety

Cold light source design, no heat radiation, no damage to the eyes and skin.

Humanized structure design, lamp installation and maintenance more easily. Suitable for a variety of installation methods.

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