The Mixed Cloth Lamp Way Of Stadium Lighting

- Jun 21, 2018-

The Mixed Cloth Lamp Way Of Stadium Lighting

The mixed layout is the Four Corners and the two sides of the layout (including many bar arrangement, light belt arrangement) organically combined with the cloth lamp method, see Figure 8, is currently the world's large-scale integrated stadium to solve the lighting technology and lighting effect of a better type of cloth lamp. 

The mixing arrangement has the advantages of two kinds of cloth lamps so that the solid sense is strengthened, the vertical illumination and uniformity of the four directions are more reasonable, but the glare degree increases. 


At this point, the four corners are often not independent settings, but with the structure of the building unified, and thus cost more than the province. The four corners of the led flood light are a narrow beam, to solve the problem of led flood light, the light belt is a medium-beam, narrow beam, to achieve far, middle and stadium light. Because it is a mixed arrangement, Four corners of the projection angle and azimuth layout can be appropriately flexible treatment, the length of the light belt layout can be appropriately shortened, the light band height can also be properly reduced.


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