The key to improve the quality of LED lamps is how to do the heat radiation well

- Jul 06, 2017-

The LED lamp is made up of LED, heat dissipation structure, driver and lens, so the heat dissipation of LED lamp is a very important part. Whether the LED lamp is stable or not, the quality of the lamp is very important to the heat dissipation of the lamp body. At present, the heat radiation of the high brightness LED lamp usually adopts natural heat dissipation, and the effect is not ideal. The heat dissipation is not ideal, and the life of the lamp itself will be affected. The application of heat dissipation materials in the industry should not focus solely on the heat dissipation coefficient, but ignore the thermal resistance. If you only see some kind of heat radiation patch, cooling cream, heat release paint or thermal conductivity of the film is very good, that can be carried out by high heat transmission, may be greatly disappointed. The expected temperature therefore decreased and LED epitaxial will not overheat and decay, and can effectively prolong the service life of the lamp inspection clearance, may not occur. From the substrate etching on the tin coating, printing ink, LED backlight protection film into the oven, the whole plate leveling, paste thermal conductive adhesive film, with glue or lock the heat dissipation module with a cumbersome process that has good thermal conductivity, heat resistance impedance will be defeated. The air and the junction are not close pores, the radiating gasket, the cooling paste, the powder formed by the volatilization of the silicon oil, and the film thickness of the multilayer conductive adhesive film will form thermal impedance. These layers of thermal resistance interfere with the heat conduction rate, which is slow to heat and even less than the surface of the lamp. The white backlit ink on the surface of the aluminum substrate should not only reflect, but also diffuse the heat of the lower layer through the surface of the backlight ink. Some manufacturers do not observe, in order to replace the general white ink LED dedicated backlight ink, equivalent to adding a layer of hard paint, sealing the heat. After many failures, manufacturers have accepted new concepts and processes, focusing on overall cooling options. The aluminum substrate is coated with LED special heat release white backlight ink. If the light yellow ink is designated, the reflectivity will be increased to 91%. The soft ceramic heat radiation paint is sprayed between the copper foil substrate and the aluminum substrate, which can reduce the use of the heat conductive adhesive film and improve the breakdown voltage at a very low cost. To protect the lamp from the climate and environment, the heat can be effectively carried out. The effective way to save money is to spray soft ceramic cooling paint. Only from the overall concept of heat dissipation, reducing thermal resistance interference, is the key to acceptance of large LED lamps. Lamps and lanterns protection shell should abandon the traditional galvanization or the baking varnish, these two kinds of construction methods can heat the seal back to the lamp.LED Panel light

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