The Dragon Boat Festival approaching, with wisdom lighting perfection the festival

- May 26, 2017-

Dragon Boat Festival near the 33rd Wudalianchi volcano holy water festival is also in the current preparations. From a beautiful legend of the holy water festival, after decades of development, has become a unique cultural symbol of Wudalianchi Scenic Area. The mysterious face of the Wudalianchi is the original intention of the tourists here, and the same night has become the reason for the tourists linger.



"All the beautiful behind, but faced with the control mode behind, low level of information, serious energy waste, operation and maintenance difficulties and many other issues, so the holiday light of the light, but also the beauty of the Chinese people, Wisdom of the transformation is an imminent thing.

Ambience festivals require an intelligent controller



Wudalianchi Scenic Area


Staff on-site installation and commissioning

In the past, people in the major festivals, often with colorful and colorful fireworks, contrasting atmosphere, express festive and happy mood, both ancient and modern. However, as people's awareness of environmental protection, the drawbacks of fireworks continue to be people's criticism, the fireworks on the environmental pollution can not be ignored. Festival lighting is now able to replace the traditional fireworks discharge of the better way, it can contrast festive atmosphere, but also to avoid noise and air pollution.

But the festive lights are also faced with "in the season and the environment changes, can not be remote control, can not achieve intelligent control; in the increasingly heavy management tasks, and management power can not be unlimited increase in the case, the need to vigorously improve the level of information management , Can not achieve on-demand lighting, excessive lighting and lighting time unreasonable lead to serious waste of electricity; manual inspection volume, high operating costs of vehicles, cable theft can not be prevented, maintenance inconvenience "problem.

In addition, when the "holy water festival" and other special festivals, the amount of tourists at night will surge, which also to the festival lighting management and presentation has brought a lot of inconvenience, the use of intelligent intelligent controller, through the street platform to develop festive strategy So that the scene lights automatically switch, at the same time, special occasions can also manually manual management system. Intelligent use of intelligent controller in the festive lighting, not only can reduce energy waste, effectively save electricity, reduce carbon emissions, protect the environment, and automatic inspection can replace the manual inspection, saving a lot of manpower and material resources. At the same time can reduce the traffic accident caused by traffic accidents and various types of social security incidents.

Festive lighting requires a set of intelligent control systems


Wudalianchi Scenic Area Night


In recent years, all over the country, the scenic areas to carry out a variety of intelligent urban tourist area construction work, such as Beijing to promote A-level tourist attractions wireless Internet work, Hebei Province, the province launched the pilot area of wisdom, Nanjing implementation of intelligent scenic works, Anhui Huangshan scenic area to carry out the "wisdom of Huangshan" demonstration application project, Sichuan Province Qingchengshan and Dujiangyan scenic area to build a unified data processing and intelligent command center. Wisdom tourism in the promotion of scenic management and service level, scenic brand influence and the role of tourist satisfaction has gradually emerged.

At present, the people's tourism consumption capacity has been continuously improved, and the desire for tourism has been continuously strengthened. Our tourism industry has entered an explosive development stage. The rapid development of tourism and the large-scale entry of tourists make the sustainable development of tourist attractions face new challenges, such as the scenic spots, especially high-level tourist attractions increased the amount of tourists, resources and environmental protection pressure, management and services can not meet the demand Wait.

Intelligent lighting as part of the wisdom of tourism, in the wisdom of tourism plays an important role. In the wisdom of tourism, as a tourist resort attractions, many are open at night, so the lighting has become an indispensable part of the area, in addition to the traditional lighting, LED and other environmentally friendly energy-saving products to prepare a colorful unique lighting system Known as a scenic spot. Shun intelligent intelligent control system can be seamless access to the wisdom of the city cloud platform, the use of intelligent city cloud platform, to help the intelligent building area.

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