The application of the LED light source in mine lighting (two)

- May 13, 2017-

The application of the LED light source in mine lighting

At present main component is mine lighting factory ground and underground illumination.Factory floor lighting and lighting source is the same in daily life.Roadway lighting, underground lighting can be divided into work head-on surface illumination and other working point lighting, etc.LED light source should be chosen according to different environment and use requirements to choose [2, 3].

  2.1. Roadway lighting

Mine roadway lighting is mainly for the pedestrian transport or lighting.Roadway explosion-proof lamps and lanterns is most widely used at home and abroad using ordinary straight tube fluorescent tube as the light source, with large power consumption, light bulb life is short and maintenance difficulties, such as faults, and physical distance, such as power supply, especially voltage loss.Using LED light source not only low energy consumption, save energy, and a long service life, can effectively reduce the maintenance of lamps and lanterns of roadway.Now mines in our country has already begun to promote application of roadway explosion-proof lamps and lanterns, LED light source, although initial stage still exist certain problems, but with the progress of LED light source technology, its application in the tunnel lighting will be more and more widely.

 2.2. Work on lighting

Now work on surface of mining lighting often USES the light source is the small power high-pressure sodium lamp, double tube core while its life longer, but the light color is not very good, make the whole face is dark, easily lead to accidents.In recent years, with high powerLED lightingThe rapid development of the light source, it is gradually applied in mining working face illumination.High power LED street light are different with conventional high-pressure sodium lamp light source, it adopts low voltage dc power supply, by GaN base power type blue LED with a yellow phosphor synthesis efficiency white light diode, with high efficiency, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, fast response and high color rendering index of unique advantages.Soon the technological progress as the LED light source, high power LED light source lighting will be widely used in work on surface.

  2.3. In the application of the miner's lamp

Old-fashioned miner's lamp is incandescent lamp more, its power consumption big, the light bulb life short, changing a light bulb which are under the mine gas accident.LED light source lighting technology used in miner's lamp, obvious advantages, both got the same as the old miner's lamp illumination, and less than one third of the incandescent light bulb in electricity consumption, has a not bad, no leakage, no leakage features, and long service life.Therefore, LED miner's lamp is now widely used, gradually replace old-fashioned miner's lamp.

In addition, because the LED light source has shock resistance and impact resistance, flameproof leds lamps and lanterns also have been applied on the machine and so on a motorcycle, and achieved good results, is gradually replace the LED light source, lamps and lanterns of explosion-proof locomotive.With the constant progress of LED light source technology, its application prospect in mine lighting will be more extensive.

3, improve LED Methods the output power of the light sources

Luminous efficiency is lighting LED light source is the most important parameters, the luminous efficiency of luminous flux for launch with the input of the ratio of the power unit for lm/W).To improve the luminous efficiency of LED, can improve the luminous flux of launch, namely LED output power.For a single LED, power output is very small, often using LED lattice or circular permutation method for large power output, and cause the volume is too large, so heat difficulties such as shortcomings.To achieve the output power and LED quantity between optimization scheme [4], can take the following measures.

  3.1 increase the cooling efficiency

Cold light, LED light source is a single LED heat is small, but for the LED dot matrix, due to the LED number, arrangement, calorific value can not be ignored, if you don't have good cooling control, the LED will not work properly, the output power will be greatly reduced.Increase the cooling efficiency of the method is to choose high conductivity materials, increase the cooling area and improve the methods of heat dissipation, etc. [5].

  3.2 increase the reflective cover (umbrella)

LED light Angle is small, directionality is strong, but the divergence Angle is bigger, such as surface light-emitting LED, horizontal vertical divergent Angle is 120 °.Use more reflective cover (umbrella), the method of collection LED to as much as possible, such as edge of stray light, in order to reduce the loss of light, and make maximum use of the output power.

  3.3 LED collimating optical system design

LED array is a divergent light source, in order to reduce the loss of light, in addition to increase the reflective cover (umbrella), can take advantage of a new type of lighting system LED collimating optical system design, as shown in figure 2.

LED array collimation optical system

Figure 2 LED array collimation optical system

The system adopts the method of nonimaging optics, make the luminous flux of LED array and effective convergence, the luminous flux beam gathers into a high brightness, small divergence is obtained area, increase the LED output power.

 4,The light source and solar power

LED is the fourth generation of new type of solar energy Lighting Light source, solar energy is a kind of not dried up, absolutely clean, without being limited by the resource distribution area and the YongDianChu nearby power, energy, the advantages of high quality new energy.Solar LED light source is a new generation of energy and the perfect combination of a new generation of light source, its perfect combination is the key to both as direct current (dc), the working voltage of LED lighting is very low, easy to matching with solar cells.A combination of both don't need inverter will solar (PV) cells produce direct current into alternating current (ac), thus greatly improving the efficiency of the entire lighting system, at the same time by using grid technology or rechargeable battery.Its working process is the use of solar cells convert solar energy into electric energy and used again LED lighting Device converts electrical energy into light energy [1].

To the solar cell for the LED light source of energy in the 21st century will be rapid development, LED lights and solar power matching will also offers a new development direction for mine lighting.

  5, conclusion

In recent years, China's rapidly into the mainstream of lighting system, LED light source is gradually applied in the mine.Although there are still some to popularize and apply in the mine lighting technical problems, such as the luminous flux, the LED light and natural light to still has certain gap;Product consistency and reliability improvement;High power the LED heat dissipation Problems to be further solved.But the LED light source technology will increasingly mature, some technical difficulties will be gradually solved, especially under the background of global energy shortage, the LED light source and solar market prospect is very big.LED light source in lighting market application prospect is going to be huge, will become the 21st century the dominant light source, illumination contribution for mine own strength.(

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