The Application of LED Intelligent Lighting in Primary and Middle School Classroom

- Jul 12, 2017-

    A good lighting environment plays a very important role in the life and study of primary and middle school students.

    Primary and secondary school students are in the accumulation of knowledge and rapid development of the puberty, a good lighting environment can not only enable students to quickly integrate into the corresponding subject learning environment, the formation of lasting and effective scene memory and knowledge accumulation in the study and examination focus, But also to reduce the frequency and duration of visual fatigue, reduce the degree of glare on the eye irritation, reduce myopia caused by external factors, so that students have a good feeling of physical and mental pleasure, so as to help students achieve better learning and healthy growth.

    At present, China's primary and secondary school classroom lighting problems, general illumination is inadequate. Blackboard lighting uniformity is poor. Glare is easy to irritate the eyes. High color temperature can cause visual fatigue. The overall energy consumption is high. In response to this series of deficiencies, we have developed a set of intelligent system lighting, reducing the glare effect, increase comfort, to meet the human eye to observe the comfort requirements of objects.

classroom lighting.png

Primary and secondary schools as a student long-term life, learning places, healthy light environment for the growth of primary and secondary students play a positive role in promoting. Our precision light distribution design, balanced product design and intelligent LED system design, to achieve the classroom lighting quality improvement. Through the practical application and test verification in some pilot classrooms, the design of LED intelligent lighting system has improved the quality of teaching, teachers and students visual experience, student memory effect, reduce energy consumption and so on.

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