Standard for general lighting in industrial buildings

- May 04, 2017-

Industrial lighting is actually for the production of factories and mines and other industrial environments to provide lighting, both the usual indoor lighting, there are common outdoor venues and road lighting, which you know, do not need to say, more trouble is the complex and changeable process Process and professional equipment on the lighting of the functional requirements and a number of binding conditions.

Factories are the place to produce industrial products, including the production workshop, storage, office and auxiliary space, all kinds of outdoor devices, fields, stations, roads, and some factories have a variety of technical sandwich and underground facilities. On the basic requirements of lighting design, we recommend that we look at the national standard GB50034-2013 "architectural lighting design standards" to understand the basic lighting requirements of different industrial environments.

1, office space

In the industrial environment, office space is the most familiar, no need to talk, as long as the meet the illumination, illumination uniformity, glare and energy requirements on the line, of course, but also the factory and the overall lighting environment coordination.

2, storage lighting

Warehouse lighting is a project that is not valued, but because of the different storage environment in different industries, there are still many aspects of concern. Electronic components and precision parts warehouses, need to ensure that the product logo is identified, requiring a high level of illumination, machinery and equipment warehouses may need to install driving and mobile handling tools, lighting must consider the height of space and traffic routes;

Chemical products warehouse explosion-proof requirements, lamps have to meet the explosion-proof standards;

Food, medicine, cosmetics warehouse have anti-bacterial requirements, the best use of professional lamps.

3, auxiliary room

Auxiliary room, including power distribution room, air conditioning room, communication room, compressor room, pump room, boiler room, file room, guard room, duty room, etc.

4, outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting, including a variety of yard, parking, roads and outdoor tower crane, reactor, blast furnace, design as simple as possible, need to pay attention to tall building light block, and plant landscape lighting combined.

We usually refer to the industrial lighting, mainly refers to the industrial production workshop lighting, electronics, microelectronics, instrumentation, communications, machinery, chemical, metallurgy, building materials, assembly, textile, clothing, food, pharmaceutical ... ... different industries have Different production processes, different processes have different lighting requirements.

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