Stadium Lights: Sports World Sees The LED Stadium Lighting

- Jul 12, 2018-

Stadium Lights: Sports World Sees The LED Stadium Lighting

Stadium Lighting

At all Stadiums which host night fixtures, general lighting to seating and pedestrian pathways must be provided.

General lighting must conform to all applicable safety standards.

It is the Club’s responsibility to ensure the Stadium lighting, including emergency lighting in case of loss of

power or evacuation, meets the required standards.


Why choose led stadium lighting?

But orchestrating thousands of pricey, power-intensive lights remains one of the most important facets of managing multimillion-dollar sports stadiums — and it's a field that is changing fast.

Performance always has to be stellar, and significant costs need to be minimized. Lighting is also a major factor in how green (or not green) avenue is. Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights are both high performing and energy efficient, but they initially faced a slow adoption curve in the industry because of high costs. As the cost curve moves down, however, more venues are making the switch to LEDs.

For decades, sports stadiums and arenas have been illuminated by metal halide lights. Five to six times more energy efficient than incandescent lights, metal halide lights also give top quality white light, which is crucial for the illumination of both outdoor night games and events held indoors. Metal halides also contain mercury, which make them an environmental concern at end of life.

Tips for Reducing Costs of Stadium Lighting

Choose an efficiently led stadium lighting technology (LED is highly efficient, if not the most efficient on average)

Reduce maintenance costs with long-lifespan LED lights

Retrofit if you can, full replacements cost more

Rebates can reduce the cost of your investment substantially - make sure you find out if your purchase will qualify for rebates beforehand if you can (rebates can reduce project costs by nearly 20-25%)

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