Stadium lighting market warming, LED companies how to seize the market opportunities

- Jan 12, 2018-

Philips Lighting recently installed the country's first ArenaVision LED stadium lighting system at the St. Stephens Stadium in Istanbul, Turkey. Energy-efficient lighting systems for stadiums and stands prepare for the Turkish Airlines European Champions League Final Four held May 19-21.

The lighting system meets FIBA's televised standards and enhances the viewer experience with dazzling music lighting shows that meet the demanding flicker and HD playback requirements of HDTV.

The basketball court uses 92 Philips ArenaVision LED floodlights for field lighting and 96 sets of Philips SportsStar LED floodlights to illuminate the stands. The new system reduces energy consumption by nearly 40% compared to traditional lighting. Philips ArenaVision system can also create beautiful lighting show, linked with the stadium audio and other entertainment systems to enhance the tournament experience.

Saner Kirik, Channel Sales Director for Philips Lighting Turkish Works said, "St. Vincent Stadium will host major international sporting events and a wide range of other performance events. We are honored that Philips Lighting's latest lighting technology will be able to participate in the stadium upgrade to create compelling Viewers experience and meet the latest sports broadcast requirements. "

Philips Lighting has been involved in stadium lighting for more than 60 years and serves more than 65% of the major international arena stadiums and more than 55% of the major international football stadiums.

Philips ArenaVision LED lighting system for a number of well-known sports club services, including Ajax, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, Juventus, Eindhoven team, Wolfsburg and so on. Last year, the system was successfully installed at the Cairo International Stadium complex involving a 20,000 multipurpose stadium that meets the standard of international competitions.

At present, the professional lighting market represented by sports stadiums is accelerating LED lighting penetration rate. This also brings a lot of potential market opportunities for many enterprises specializing in the professional lighting market.

According to the 13th Five-Year Plan, the state will actively promote sports stadiums to provide professional sports technical services and carry out sports management services such as open venues, fitness services, sports training, competition performances, sports instruction and health management.

According to GGII statistics, the conservative estimate that only the new demand for LED lighting and intelligent control in China's stadiums during the 13th FYP period will reach over 15 billion yuan, while the traditional venue lighting LED Transformation needs about 10000000000 yuan of above.

At present, super-high-power COB applications in sports applications have a very clear advantage, sports require accurate backlight, small light fades. Eco-lamp domestic levels stop at 120 watts, limiting the size of the light source in the small size to more than 200 watts is currently a relatively blank area.

It is undeniable that the typical area of application of ultra-high power professional lighting is sports lighting. And now the mainstream of sports lighting products or metal halide lamp, and is not doing much international lighting business. As it relates to the broadcast of the competition and the spectator's viewing effect, the height of the sports lighting installation and the uniformity of light in the venue are very high.

Ye Shanghui, deputy general manager of CSTC said: "Because of the high installation height of sports lighting, the requirements for maintenance convenience, reliability of lighting fixtures, and indicators of light failure are all very high."

Core source in the country launched the first in the country using transparent fluorescent ceramic K-COB packaging technology.

It is understood that the technology has completely independent intellectual property rights, breaking the monopoly of Europe, the United States and Japan patented technology, stand to the top of LED packaging industry chain. At present, the technology has completed 5 international PCT applications, more than 30 patents, and made a number of invention patents, has achieved global patent layout.

As the only LED technology transfer base and industrialization platform of Hercynian Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, CSTC has a number of invention patents in preparation, materials, packaging, white light and heat dissipation. With its patented core technology of fluorescent ceramic package, CSTC focuses on industrial lighting, road lighting , Outdoor lighting, special lighting four major areas of ultra-high-power professional lighting market, for application vendors to provide light source and cooling overall solution.

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