Stadium lighting - LED Flood Light

- Apr 20, 2017-

The LED lamp structure

A, using imported high brightness chip, high brightness, low energy consumption, low heat, long life for 50000 h, can be divided into monochrome, colorful color two kinds.

Second, the shell is made of high die casting aluminum molding shell, 4 mm tempered safety glass features:

1, which has two kinds of symmetric and asymmetric light distribution, good glare control.

2, electrical integration of lamps and lanterns, light and beautiful modelling, simple installation.

3, dust-proof waterproof grade IP65.

Three, voltage: 220 v / 110 v / 12 v / 24 v

Four, the LED light source: 1 w, 3 w high power LED

Five, the high power LED projection lamp irradiation distance of 5-30 meters, especially suitable for building the building of landscape lighting, outdoor square, metope, exhibit the brush color.

Six, power: 6-54 w different environments with different power of the lamps and lanterns.Latest LED project-light lamp power increase gradually, including 50 w LED lamp, LED projection lamp of 50W ,70W, 100W LED lamp, 150W LED lamp, 200W LED lamp, 250W LED lamp, 300W LED lamp,, 1000 wled projection lamp.Application for the customer to choose to provide great flexibility.

Use range

LED projection lamp is mainly used in single building, historical buildings outside the light inside the building exterior wall night view lighting, lighting, indoor local lighting, landscape lighting, billboard lighting lighting, medical culture and other special facilities.Bars, dance halls and other places of entertainment lighting atmosphere.

Taken the maintenance instructions

1. Please make sure to have power before maintenance.

2. Regular cleaning, glass of projection lamp to keep the lamps and lanterns is good pervious to light quality.

3. Regularly to the projection lamp shell and radiator to clean out the dust, in order to keep good heat dissipation performance.

4. Be careful not to water or strong corrosive solution for cleaning, had better use dry cloth.

5. Replace the power supply, can be directly use a screwdriver to open the back cover, remove the power supply, AC power supply three conductor wiring in accordance with the corresponding red power on "L", blue corresponds to the "N" on the power supply, yellow-green or yellow corresponding "≡", red or white line of DC power line corresponding to the power supply is black line corresponds to the power of the cathode, pay attention to is don't pick up the cathode.

This company produces the end quality assurance, after-sales service product quality assurance of five years.Under the condition of normal use, quality assurance is based on the proper storage, installation, use and maintenance of products;Due to improper installation, violation of products operation procedures, and cause the product damage, do not belong to this warranty scope;To the quality problem of the quality guarantee period, our company will choose to repair, replace during the warranty period (parts) or replace method such as new product solutions;More than the quality warranty period will charge appropriate materials and artificial cost.

250W LED Flood Light

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