A LED needs of SMT production line equipment?

- Feb 10, 2017-

LED Patch lamp by the FPC board, LED lamp, high quality silicone tube.Waterproof performance, safe and convenient to use the low voltage dc power supply, light color variety, colorful;Can outdoor use UV aging, yellowing resistance, resistance to high temperature and other advantages, the products are widely used in building clearance light, places of entertainment decorative lighting, advertisement decoration lighting lighting field.

Currently in LED industry, generally USES the LED strips machining way to mount LED product patch type LED can well solve the brightness, the Angle of view, flatness, reliability, consistency, and other issues.So, are we on the LED strips processing, need what equipment?

LED strips machining process can be simplified as: printing, SMT, welding, repair

【 a 】 solder paste printing machine

Modern solder paste printer generally installed version, add solder paste, the pressure of printed circuit board, etc.Its working principle is: first, to the printed circuit board fixed on the printing position, and then by the solder paste printing presses around the scraper or red glue by stencil printing in the corresponding welding plate, PCB for bearing the uniform, through the transmission input to SMT machine automatic SMT.

Automatic solder paste printer operation steps:

1, turn on the switch, the machine to zero, the selection process.

2, install racks: adjust the track width, move the damper cylinder, switch on transportation, to the board in the center of the track, press the button to make the board reached the designated position, push button rail clamping.

3, adjust the position of MARK2, with corresponding computer section of the "ten" word, make sure the production data is correct, was determined.

4, in turn, installation of steel mesh and scraper: press the production Settings, open the mediation window, point to start production.

5, on the steel plate to add solder paste, solder paste to add quantity on the basis above scraper one-third below two-thirds scraper.

6, visual check before printing YinShuaDian solder paste can not have a bias, tin, tin, less cutting seal, uneven thickness, etc.

7, confirmed by quality personnel printing first, confirm OK to rear can normal operation.

Automatic solder paste printer matters needing attention

1, press the door is opened or failure when operating the machine is prohibited.

2, operation of stencil can't plug hole.

3, the principle of solder paste to keep a small amount of access times add.

4, more than an hour not printing, please send solder paste recycling.

5, abnormal printing in the printing please immediately inform the staff to deal with.

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