Seven LED drive power supply design skills

- May 09, 2017-

Webex for manufacturers of led drive power supply when the design is very important, so, we should be how to better design the led drive power supply?After a great deal of experimental summary experts concluded that these seven skills.

1, the intelligent control is LED One of the advantages of lamps and lanterns, and the power supply is the key to the intelligent control.

Intelligent control in LED street light and LED tunnel lights lighting Application conditions on the most mature effect is most obvious, intelligent control can be in different time periods, according to the density of road traffic to realize the power of lamps and lanterns stepless control, meets the application requirements, and realize the huge energy saving effect, can save a lot of money for highway authorities.Application in the tunnel lighting can not only energy saving, can also according to the brightness of the tunnel outside situation automatically adjust the tunnel entrance brightness, give the driver a visual excessive stage, to ensure driving safety.

2, high power, large power, high stability of small power sources.

Because of the greater the power, calorific value, the greater the inside parts are more compact, is not conducive to heat dissipation, and temperature is the main culprit of a power failure occurs.Moreover, small power sources in the development of relatively more mature, stability and has a cost advantage.Actually many high-power power supply scheme without time validation and practice has proved that are in a hurry on projects, are experimental products, so the fault emerge in endlessly.Compared with middle and small power sources for early development, technical solutions are much more mature.

3, heat dissipation and protection is the main external factors power failure.

Not only the power supply itself will be fever, lamps and lanterns will fever, this two kinds of heat source how to reasonable distribute out is a design engineer must consider the question of lamps and lanterns, be sure to prevent the excessive concentration of heat, the formation of heat island effect, affecting the service life of the power supply.Using separate power supply scheme is a good choice.

The feasibility of 4, maintenance.

The power failure problems can't completely avoid, chengdu the moonlight electrical maintenance simplicity principle are put forward.Only do the power supply to replace conventional lighting light source change so easy, can is used by users happy, even if the power is out of order, the mood also not too bad, and the user's mood is good or bad depends on the fate of the LED lighting manufacturer.

5, protection performance.

Protection problem is very important also, moisture permeability may cause the short circuit of power supply, the shell on the sand and dust will affect the power of heat dissipation, exposure is likely to lead to high temperature and electric wires and other components ageing, from the actual use of the experience, rotating wiring plug failure rate is higher, mostly leakage cause of failure.

6, modular design.

Modular design has become the current trend, must think method, power source module integration, if the power supply can solve the problem of maintenance, plug way will be welcomed by the users, at the same time also need to establish standardized interface, allow different manufacturer of LED lamp power supply to gm.

7, give up above 4-way output, output, single or two development road give up big current and super current, developing small current.

Output because the more the more complex the current interference between different way to solve the cost is very high, if you don't solve the high failure rate.Additional output because the more the greater the total output current, and the main reason for the electric current is calorific, voltage itself does not directly cause fever, calorific value and is proportional to the square of the current simple, that is current is added to the original 2 times, calorific value will be increased to four times, current is added to the original 3 times, calorific value will be increased to the original nine times.Single or two way to sum up, the output of the LED lamp power will reduce a lot of failure rate.

Through the above summary, at 7 o 'clock in the design of led drive power supply will be more convenient.To be more save time.

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