Samsung Electronics introduced a new generation of COB devices for spot lighting and other directional lighting applications

- Feb 27, 2017-

Samsung Electronics, the world's leading provider of LED device solutions, today announced the availability of a new generation of COBLED devices. The new D series COB products, with a higher luminous efficiency, for a variety of professional MR lamps, PAR lights, commercial lighting with spotlights, downlights and high-level lights and other directional lighting applications.

The new D-Series COB products offer light up to 160 lm / W (5000K CCT, 80 CRI, 85 ° C), significantly higher than the previous generation and a 50% reduction in thermal resistance. The introduction of new products, it is greatly enriched the Samsung COB product lineup, such as spotlights and other directional lighting provides a wider range of light options.

The new generation of D-Series COB products can provide 11 different power options, with high performance, high reliability and other characteristics, to meet the DLC Premium standards technical requirements, (DLC in North America is recognized LED lighting product performance and quality of the preferred way ). The new products offer a wide range of color rendering indices from CRI 70+ to 90+ and provide optimized chromatographic solutions for the retail market to achieve "high color saturation" lighting applications that meet the needs of many lighting designers Different lighting occasions richer, more fresh color needs.

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