Recommended Wiring Practices for 0-10v Dimming

- Jan 24, 2018-

Recommended Wiring Practices for 0-10v Dimming

0-10v dimmerThe driver on your fixture can be a class one or class two circuit, meaning it either has no safety protection warnings or a major safety protection warning. When working with a class one circuit, it is important to take extra precaution to ensure the high-voltage output is safely handled. Class two circuit drivers have no risk of electric shock or fire because the circuit power is restricted, but class one can often be most efficient because of its ability to accommodate more LEDs.

The dimming signal, which is connected to the source (driver) typically has a purple wire that represents +10 volts and a gray wire representing the signal. When both wires are not touching, the dimming control output will be 10 volts, or 100%. When they are touching, the dimming control output will be 0 volts. 0 volts represents its minimum level, and depending on the driver, the fixture will either go into sleep mode, turn off completely, or utilize a dimmer switch to turn off.

When installing power or analog controls, it is recommended to limit the distance between the analog control wiring to the driver. It is also critical to ensure all class two control circuits be kept separate from class two line voltage wiring, required by the National Electric Code. The separation is critical because higher-voltage wiring can induce alternating current voltage to lower-voltage signals, causing the dimmed lighting to produce undesirable effects and safety issues.


LED Driver Dimming Performance

LEDs emit light when a current is present and flowing through them; their light output intensity is directly related to the current. When there is too much current going to an LED, it can burn out because an LED has little ability to control current. Due to the correlation between LED light output and current, it is possible to dim LED lights if a controlled dimming (0-10v) system is compatible with the LED driver. Due to the characteristic of LED and the design of certain drivers, not all LED drivers are compatible for usage with 0-10v dimmers, therefore is it important to ensure your fixture has the appropriate technologies to facilitate your dimmer.

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