Purchase considerations of factory dust explosion-proof lighting

- Mar 07, 2018-

Like metal processing plants, coal storage sheds, flour processing plants, starch processing plants, milk powder processing plants, feed processing plants, paper mills, furniture factories, cotton processing plants, plastics plants, dye plants, chemical plants are all the high dust explosion field. The installation of high-quality explosion-proof lights can effectively prevent the occurrence of dust explosion, to ensure personal safety and improve the quality of the environment play an extremely important role.

Explosion-proof grade is used to measure the performance of an important indicator of explosion-proof lamps, explosion-proof lights of different levels of explosion-proof place is not the same. Explosion-proof lighting purchase precautions are as follows:

1, Only explosion-proof luminaire with explosion-proof certificate can be used in dangerous places where combustible gas and dust exist. Explosion-proof lamp can prevent the arc, spark and high temperature from igniting flammable gas and dust in the surrounding environment. To achieve the purpose of explosion-proof.

2, the selected lamps must be certified by the national authority explosion-proof, in full accordance with national standards for explosion-proof, with excellent explosion-proof, anti-static ability, in a variety of flammable and highly corrosive gases in place safety.

3, explosion-proof lights to use constant current output driver circuit, with short circuit, open circuit protection, to ensure that the output luminous efficiency does not vary with voltage fluctuations. Light imported single high-power LED, low energy consumption, high luminous efficiency, light life of up to 50,000 hours, fully realize the long-term maintenance-free, energy saving and environmental protection purposes. Electrical box with suspended design effectively prevent heat conduction, greatly reducing the LED drive power temperature, prolong the service life of the drive power.

4, in order to meet the requirements of explosion-proof lamp with light design, lighting needs a unified dimming configuration, the light output to achieve the best results to apply to a variety of flood lighting lighting requirements. Explosion-proof lamp shell with high purity aluminum die-casting, surface high temperature electrostatic spray, with excellent corrosion resistance, the joints are sealed accordingly, to ensure good product waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, explosion-proof performance.

5, in order to meet the installation needs of different places, explosion-proof lights and should be equipped with high-strength bracket, wall, steel, guardrails, equipment and other planes installed.


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