Prospect investment of China's OLED industry

- Apr 18, 2018-

Prospect investment of China's OLED industry

China's OLED industry has certain R & D and industrialization capabilities, and some areas have independent technology. At present, there are about 40 universities and research institutes engaged in OLED technology development in China, and many companies are involved in the industrialization of OLED. In June 2011, 19 OLED enterprises and institutions jointly launched China's OLED industry alliance. In the liquid crystal display, China has formed 5 panel industry clusters: Beijing Tianjin Hebei, Pearl River Delta, Fujian and Taiwan, Yangtze River Delta and Midwest. So far, 8 8.5 generation lines have been put into production, and another 5 high generation lines have been signed or built, and China has become the most important manufacturing base of liquid crystal panel in the world.

In 2010, China's first AMOLED pilot line was built and put into operation in Kunshan; in 2012, Henan exciting blue science and technology OLED project started; in November 21, 2013, the 5.5 generation AMOLED production line was put into operation in Erdos, Inner Mongolia. This is the world's second AMOLED production line, and will lock the next generation of small and medium size screen. In addition, China has also formed OLED's R & D and material production supporting industrial chain.

At present, China is the largest OLED application market in the world, of which more than 45% of the IT products are related to display devices; the output of mobile phones in the mainland of China accounts for more than 50% of the global output; in addition, the future large size will also be gradually produced, and the application of the AMOLED panel in the fields of NB, netbook, display and television will also be gradually increased. In addition, with the further maturity of OLED technology, the yield will gradually increase, the production cost will be greatly reduced, the high price of the product will be gradually relieved, the market demand will be greatly released, and the demand for the OLED panel market will increase suddenly from next year, and the demand for non demand will appear.

Analysis on the market prospect of China's OLED industry

OLED has the characteristics of self luminescence, which makes its contrast, black field performance, color gamut, response speed and visual angle more revolutionary than the current mainstream LED liquid crystal display. The color TV industry has gradually formed a consensus, that is, OLED represents the development direction of color TV industry, and the future prospects are available. As a new generation of display technology, OLED represents the development trend of "green" display technology. Because OLED technology does not contain harmful substances used in traditional display equipment such as lead, mercury and cadmium, its outstanding expressive force and low carbon environmental protection concept have become a globally recognized green low carbon display equipment, bring new vitality to the technology image market and set off a wave of technology change in the field of display.

OLED is a new generation of display technology based on a certain scale of the emerging industry is budding. Because OLED technology has many advantages that other technologies cannot match, its industrial prospect is attracting worldwide attention. As a big consumer electronics production and consumption country, China has a huge gap between supply and demand by nearly 2200 times, which indicates that China's OLED industry has a vast development prospect in the next few years.

The OLED panel display structure is simpler, less consumable, and more environmental friendly. It is more likely to have the advantage of low cost popularity after scale production. OLED shows the features of flexibly and curly, more convenient to transport and install, break through the limits of size, and even use OLED wallpaper to turn the whole wall into a super large screen in the future. In the current intelligent vehicle program with high market attention, the OLED panel has also become the first choice of display devices. According to the OLED industry market forecast and investment prospects analysis report issued by the prospective industry research institute, the market will be close to $60 billion by 2022, becoming the main force in the future to show the world.

Forecasting market size China OLED industry 2017-2022 years (unit: USD,%)

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