Philips Lighting Provides Sustainable High Quality Lighting for EUROGATE Container Terminals

- Mar 29, 2018-

Philips Lighting Provides Sustainable High Quality Lighting for EUROGATE Container Terminals

Global Lighting Leader Philips Lighting (European Amsterdam Stock Exchange: LIGHT) recently announced that Philips high-quality LED floodlights have been installed at the EUROGATE container terminal in Bremerhaven, Germany, lighting 2.9 million square meters of exterior space. This will save more than 50% of energy and operating costs, improve the visibility and safety of employees, and effectively reduce carbon emissions.


Challenging sustainable development requirements

While the business has grown steadily, EUROGATE has developed a long-term sustainable development plan that consists of three principles: "Energy-efficient," "low-carbon green," and "safe and reliable." In 2016, EUROGATE installed LED floodlights on the four 35-meter-high lighting poles at the dockside. After six months of use, energy consumption and carbon emissions have been reduced by 50%. Therefore, EUROGATE decided to install LED luminaires for the entire container port in Bremen by the end of 2017.

This time, EUROGATE invited Philips lighting experts to analyze the original lighting installation of the terminal and design a new lighting solution. In addition to meeting the sustainable development goals, another focus is safety. Considering that the gantry crane trolley or transport truck driver is working at a height of 14 meters from the ground, it is necessary to reduce the lighting glare to the minimum and improve the spatial visual sense to avoid safety problems. In addition, it is also necessary to maximize the distance between the light sources and reduce the number of lamps.


Customized lighting concept

In order to meet many stringent requirements, Philips Lighting has set several standards during the implementation of the project, including high color reproduction, uniform and broad distribution of light intensity, and reduced energy consumption. A total of approximately 2,000 traditional floodlights were replaced in the 2.9 million square feet area and more than 1,600 Philips ClearFlood LED floodlights were installed. This work was performed by the contractor MWB Power GmbH.

Exceeding expectations

The new lighting solution is in line with EUROGATE's sustainable development requirements. It not only saves energy consumption and maintenance costs, but also provides considerable CO2 emission reductions. In addition, the program also improves the visibility of the terminal management and complies with safety regulations including the DIN EN 12464-2 specification for outdoor workplace lighting.

“The reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions has exceeded our expectations, and our repair costs have also been significantly reduced,” said Jens Greulich, Director of Technical Coordination and Projects at EUROGATE. “At the same time, new lighting The concept also brings many benefits to our employees."

Reduce the impact on the environment

The significant drop in energy consumption has reduced EUROGATE's impact on the environment. Upgrading new lighting will reduce CO2 emissions by 100 tons per year.

Improve safety

The newly installed LED lamps feature high color rendering and low glare, providing a richer visual experience. At the same time, the safety of ground staff and drivers 14 meters above ground can be improved.

Reduce energy and maintenance costs

Compared with previous devices, the full replacement of LED lighting will greatly reduce power consumption. At the same time, maintenance costs are expected to save at least 50%.

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