The analysis of the causes of thyristor dimmer lighting development limited

- May 08, 2017-

  In the current field of LED lighting, most manufacturers use thyristor dimming to achieve dimming. Although the SCR dimming technology is the mainstream, but this does not mean that it is perfect, the current SCR dimming still exist some deficiencies, so compatible with SCR dimming LED lighting equipment in the market promotion or have Must be difficult. The advantages of SCR technology Usually Xiaobian has introduced a lot for us, this article will not repeat them, but to introduce the current compatible SCR dimming also exist shortcomings.

  Currently compatible SCR lighting in the market is still limited reasons include the following aspects.

  SCR technology development so far, is already a more than half a century of old technology. It has a lot of shortcomings as mentioned above, is a technology that should have been eliminated. Social development requires a more advanced, more intelligent product to replace it.

Currently compatible with thyristor dimming LED driver IC, many claim to have a PFC, can achieve a higher power factor, in fact it only improves the load power factor, so that the overall circuit looks closer to pure resistance, and in fact And did not improve the power factor of the entire system, including thyristors.

  As mentioned above, in order to maintain the thyristor to maintain current shortage, many SCR-compatible LED dimming system need to add additional discharge resistance, thereby increasing the loss, making the overall efficiency of the LED dimming system is very low, which It completely damaged the LED's energy-efficient original intention.

  In addition, the current thyristor dimming LED system market development is uneven, really perfectly compatible with all SCR dimmer LED driver basically did not, which virtually added a lot of development tasks. In addition, the LED driver that truly matches all thyristor dimmers remains to be verified for a long time.

  The proportion of incandescent and halogen lamps with thyristor dimming is less than one ten thousandth, and the proportion of thyristors installed in the wall is not even one ten thousandth of the thyristor To, because the vast majority of the installation of thyristor dimming are table lamps, bedside lights, standing lights. Moreover, there are dozens of different specifications of the SCR and transistor dimmer switch, in fact, the development of the IC is simply not compatible with all thyristor switches, but only compatible with a small part of them.

  LED is a new Genesis technology, it has an unparalleled superiority. The face of increasingly mature dimming LED lighting products market demand, SCR dimming LED driver development needs to be sustained.

  The advantage of traditional SCR dimming is that its base in the incandescent market so that consumers can easily accept. But the LED SCR technology in the cost, dimming and so has an unparalleled advantage. I believe that with the LED technology, there will be more and more people choose to use LED SCR lighting.

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