On the rationality of lighting and lighting layout

- May 31, 2017-

Do you know how to set up the light? Home Furnishing lighting to artistic conception according to the overall space, to determine the layout form, light type, light style and light, through careful design, make clear, do Home Furnishing lighting living room bedroom quiet, the study goal, the focus of the decoration and so on, caused by the effects of space carving.

Different age levels of cloth light requirements: due to age differences, they also have different standards for lighting demand:

Light for the elderly -- the old habits of simple, quiet, light with color and shape, to set off the elegant style of the elderly. The main lamp available unit or ceiling lantern chandeliers. For the convenience of the elderly can be set up, a length of light illumination on the bed.

Middle aged people can choose floor lamps - middle-aged people are the leading family, but also the cause of the pillars of the lighting, modeling, color and strive to concise and lively. Cloth light should reflect the personality, but also to reflect the main style, such as the use of spiral arm table lamp or floor lamp, in order to study and work.

Young people like creative wall lamps - young people on the lighting to highlight new, strange, special. The main lamp should show individuality, the shape is creative, and the color is bright. Wall lamp in the shape of love as the theme, the light requirements of warm and romantic based (especially girls).

Children's election lamp new, strange, interesting - children's lighting, it is best unpredictable, highlighting a strange, increasing children's imagination, is conducive to intellectual development. Lighting design, color, should not only reflect the interests, but also conducive to the healthy growth of children. The main lamp is concise and lively, concise style chandelier or ceiling lamps, do homework on the desktop to bright lights, animal modeling lamp can be used, but should pay attention to illumination, because children curiosity is strong, active, the absolute guarantee of safe and reliable lighting.

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