New Project- 400w Led Flood Light For LED Tower Light Systems

- May 02, 2018-

New Project- 400w Led Flood Light For LED Tower Light Systems

How many times have you seen a light tower sitting on a side of the road or at a construction site and running during the daytime? A thought always comes to mind - why would someone want to waste fuel, wear out the equipment and unnecessarily pollute the environment?

The "smart" 30ft LED light tower offers safety, efficiency and robustness "all-in-one".

The unit starts and stops automatically based on the ambient lighting conditions thus saving fuel and reducing maintenance cost. It will stay running though if something is plugged in to one of the two 20A power outlets - a unique to the EnviroLite design feature. Four 400W LED flood light(1000W MH equivalent) fixtures provide plenty of light and cover a wide flooding angle. Standard led flood lights are also available. Fuel spill containment, high visibility paint color, heavy-duty trailer and canopy to withstand harsh site conditions are just a few features that the light tower offers.

This LED tower light is ideal for construction, mining, rental, environmental, disaster relief companies; municipalities and counties that care about the environment and their bottom line and want their sites to stand out! 

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