Museum lighting product knowledge popularization - Adjustable beam angle orbital spotlights

- Jan 16, 2018-

Museum lighting product knowledge popularization - Adjustable beam angle orbital spotlights

Lighting design is crucial for the exhibition hall, and the most used in the lighting design of the exhibition hall is track projection lamp, but for the adjustable beam angle track light we all know very well, it is very familiar with its use?

Adjustable beam angle Orbital spotlights is characterized by the track can be moved, you can change the direction of irradiation, depending on the scene and the exhibits to adjust the beam angle, the applicable exhibition hall, all kinds of museum lighting, art galleries lighting. Can be used for eaves, edges and corners of the cast light, point, surface effect projection, the Museum of Art Museum and the local lighting, while widely used in the showcase exhibits, Zhanqian, three-dimensional sculpture exhibits lighting.

As the earliest successful manufacturer of adjustable beam angle track lighting manufacturers, Crystal Valley lighting in 2015 they applied for a patent. Valley Valley lighting series of 6-series and 8-series variable beam angle projection lamps, widely used in the exhibition hall wall lighting and key lighting.

Variable beam angle projection lamp, according to changes in the exhibition space scene, the size of the exhibits to flexibly adjust the lamp beam angle, the application is very convenient, with beam angle accuracy, positioning scale to ensure the accuracy of the projection angle, etc., and patent cooling module Structure, give full consideration to the light body convection, conduction and radiation.


One may ask "what is the use of adjustable beam angle?" In a pavilion, the distance between the exhibits and the spotlights is different. In addition, the size of the exhibits changed after the pavilion replaced the exhibits, which may result in excessive beam angle when the spotlight illuminates the exhibition or Beam angle is too small. The solution to this problem can be achieved by moving the position of the exhibits or moving the spotlights. However, this will make the layout of the exhibition hall irregular and the disorganized lighting distribution greatly reduces the level of the exhibition hall and destroys the exhibition hall Tidy, comfortable atmosphere. Another more convenient way is to use adjustable beam angle of the spotlights, according to changes in exhibition space scene, size of the exhibits flexibly adjust the lamp beam angle, dimming work to become more simple.

In a pavilion, in addition to basic lighting and key lighting, the combination of the two can better present the cultural relics and exhibits.

Focus on the lighting is directed to the space of a particular object area to attract attention lighting. Orbital spotlights in the exhibits to do when the focus of lighting, by selecting the appropriate direction of projection, open the illumination ratio so that objects from the surrounding environment highlights. Another way is to show the center of the exhibits according to the significance of the characteristics of exhibits such as using light sketched out to give the audience a focused feeling, so that the audience's attention focused on the exhibits features and significance.

How to apply the adjustable beam angle of spotlights? The general size of larger exhibits need to use the wall wash lighting, if you choose to use spotlights will make people feel (1) spotlight irradiation range is too small, (2) spotlight washing wall light is not soft, uneven lighting. But the adjustable beam angle projection lamp can be adjusted between 9 ~ 45 degrees beam angle size, 45-degree beam angle can be completely satisfied with wall-washing lighting, and high transmittance PMMA lens and focusing optical accessories to ensure that the light is gentle And comfort, but also ensure a wide range of washing the wall and the cloth uniform.


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