MEAWELL push HVGC-650 series LED driver, wide AC voltage input range

- May 25, 2018-

MEAWELL push HVGC-650 series LED driver, wide AC voltage input range

Ming Weiwei offers customers a choice of higher power products for the HVGC series of high-voltage input LED driver products already on the market, and has extended and introduced a 650W HVGC-650 series.


The HVGC-650 series features an ultra-wide AC voltage input range (180 to 528 VAC), which can be used directly with a single-phase voltage or a voltage derived from a three-phase voltage to facilitate customer use in lighting applications in industrial plants or plant factories. . This product adopts constant power and high working efficiency design up to 95.5%, designed for surge protection up to 8KV (L/N-FG) / 4KV (LN) and a wide range of operating ring temperature (-40 ~ +90 °C), suitable Used in harsh industrial environments. In addition, the auxiliary power supply 12v@200 mA (optional) is added to provide customers with intelligent control to use with the original three-in-one dimming and DALI dimming to achieve IoT intelligent light control.

♦ Constant power design

♦ Wide voltage input range 180~528VAC

♦ IP67 waterproof and dustproof design

♦ Active PFC

♦ Auxiliary power supply 12V @200 m A (optional)

♦ Type of protection: short circuit, over voltage, over temperature

♦ Surge protection design 8KV/4KV

♦ Size (L x W x H): 280x144x48.5mm

♦ 5 year warranty

This product can better hit the LG-LP-500-2000W projector lamp dedicated to the SIOSUN Lighting Company. Guarantee SIOSUN's products and reliability.

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