Measures for safe lighting

- Jun 03, 2017-

Fire safety requirements require all public organizations to be equipped with safety lighting, safety lighting composition should be marked lighting and environmental lighting in two parts. For the "safe lighting" with a ceiling market.

Must have the current four types of protective lighting in the three types, namely: A: the central power supply of the lamps, and in the presence of the public is always lit; B type: the public presence, the lamp is always the point The power supply can be a battery, it can be a normal power supply, standby power generation group should ensure that the safety power supply circuit within 1 second power supply (you can also use self-powered safety lights); D type: the use of portable lamps. The same central power supply can supply power to multiple points of safety lighting, regardless of their type; of course they must be in the same direction, which is the general principle of market safety lighting arrangements. The safe lighting of the market with sheds can also be used with a discharge lamp, provided that it is extinguished after restarting for no more than 15 seconds.

Safety lighting should comply with the minimum illumination per square meter, should not be less than 5 lumens (lm / m2). This value is equivalent to the average power of incandescent lamp 0.5w / m2, that is, incandescent lamp luminous efficiency of 10 (lm / w). Such as the case of higher luminous efficiency (such as fluorescent lamps), you can reduce the power in proportion.

Environmental lighting, the requirements of the entire plane to be uniform, to achieve this requirement, the maximum distance between two adjacent lighting fixtures, and their maximum height from the ground between the proportion of the relationship should be less than or equal to 4. Due to the central power supply Of the incandescent lamp power of at least 15w.

Incandescent lamp holders, fixtures and shields, and the lamp terminals should meet the requirements of the standard EN60-695-2-1-1 (UTE, etc.: NFC20-92-1) for the luminous filament. The temperature of the luminous filament is usually at 850 ° C. The filament is extinguished. After 5 seconds of power failure in the corridor or corridor, the maximum distance between the lamps is not more than 15 m and must be located at a point where the user can not reach it (eg, The formation of protrusions on the net cross-section, or the bottom of the lamp at least 2.25m above the ground).

In addition, the safety lighting should be located away from heat. But in the absence of the user, (the public building is closed to the user) the lighting is in a state of being closed.

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