Lumileds Releases High Power LEDs, Single and Compact Emitter Provides Over 1700 Lumens

- Mar 22, 2018-

Lumileds Releases High Power LEDs, Single and Compact Emitter Provides Over 1700 Lumens

Luxeon V packaged LEDs can be driven below 5A to position high lumen applications including high and low end fixtures, sports field lighting, and outdoor area lighting.

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Lumileds has released a new Luxeon V high-power packaged LED that can drive up to 15W and targets a variety of high lumen output applications including sports field lighting, high and low voltage lamps, and outdoor lighting. In fact, Lumileds said that this compact package of single-mode LEDs can provide more than 1700 lm at 5700K CCT and 70 CRI at 4.8A drive, equivalent to 110 lm/W.

Lumileds boldly claims that Luxeon V has a 50% higher lumen output than competitive products. At the same time, the 4040 packaged LED is also considered to provide 60% higher heat resistance than competitive products. Kathleen Hartnett, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Lumileds, said, “Luxeon V has achieved lighting design for stadium and area lighting, combining the high efficiency at high drive currents with extremely low heat resistance and optimised radiation. ."

The performance offered by LED manufacturers to competitors is difficult to verify, because often physical properties such as emitter and package size are different, or different manufacturers report performance under different drive currents and CCT/CRI combinations. In addition, the CREE XHP (Extreme High Power) LED, which is the most competitive with Luxeon V products, is a multi-emitter design.

Luxeon V Marks Lumileds' First Single High Power Package LED

Product developers are most likely to compare the Luxeon V Series to LEDs in the 3535 or smaller package. For example, Cree has released the XLamp XP-L series and the latest 3.45 x 3.45 mm packaged XP-L2 LED. The XP-L2 can supply 1175 lm at 3A. It seems that Lumileds can drive its latest chips at higher power density levels, which can be achieved with improved thermal resistance.

However, many product developments have focused on optimizing the maximum drive current for higher performance. Lumileds can be driven with high currents up to 1.4A. The 5700K, 70-CRI model can provide 580 lm or 148 lm/W, while the 3000K-CCT version drops to 545 lm or 140 lm/W.

On the official website, Lumileds stated that “LUXEON V is a high-power transmitter based on chip-scale package (CSP) that provides maximum throughput and reliability under extreme operating conditions. This world-class performance is achieved through Technology breakthroughs in pellets, packaging and phosphors have resulted in a product that exceeds current competitive products and enables leading lighting and luminaire designs."

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