Lumileds Pushes LUXEON CZ Color Series with Industry-Leading Lighting Effects

- Mar 28, 2018-

Lumileds Pushes LUXEON CZ Color Series with Industry-Leading Lighting Effects

Lumileds today introduced the LUXEON CZ Color series, which is optimized for optimal lighting. “The LUXEON CZ series has a 48% better lighting effect than any other non-domed colored LED,” said Jennifer Holland, product line director for LUXEON color series LEDs. The LUXEON CZ Color Series includes 21 LED color options, including 13 colors and 8 white emitters.

In addition to the industry-leading lighting effects, the LUXEON CZ Color series also makes it possible to design light fixtures with narrow beam angles. Holland said: "Optical elements capture all light more easily because the emitters used in this series projected minimal light below the horizon compared to similar products on the market." The product line also eliminates crosstalk and ensures tight LED packaging. True color point when together. Crosstalk may occur when direct-color LEDs are closely spaced with phosphor-converted LEDs. Photons from direct-color LEDs can excite phosphors in the surrounding phosphor-converted LEDs, making the phosphor-converted LEDs appear to be on, and only direct-color LEDs are actually illuminated. The LUXEON CZ Color Series ensures a true color point in a compact design, especially for architectural lighting, entertainment lighting, dimmable light bulbs and lamps, and emergency vehicle lighting applications.


In addition, the LUXEON CZ Series consists of the same modules as the award-winning LUXEON C Color Series. All LUXEON CZ and LUXEON C LEDs have the same focal length, which enables excellent color mixing for all applications. To speed time-to-market and simplify design, the LUXEON CZ and LUXEON C LEDs are the same size design and have been thermally tested at 85°C to ensure outstanding performance in real-world conditions. The industry's lowest thermal resistance (3.2°C/W) helps reduce the size of the heat sink in most compact lamps or luminaires. With the outstanding functionality and reliability of the famous LUXEON C series, Lumileds extends these advantages to the LUXEON CZ series, giving luminaire manufacturers confidence and flexibility. Both series of LEDs can be used individually or together.

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