Lighting sampling frequency blacklist NVC lighting

- Mar 27, 2018-

Lighting sampling frequency blacklist NVC lighting

“NVC Lighting has been unqualified for spot checks.” Recently, home furnishing industry sources reported to the Jinan Daily that a NVC lighting product was judged as unqualified.

In many sampling inspections before this, NVC Lighting also frequently boarded the "black list." For the "black list" of products, including sales in many places including Jinan, asked how the manufacturer dealt with, NVC customer service reply that "had not received relevant information."

Sampling: LED bulb quality is not qualified

The reporter logged on to the website of the Chengdu Administration for Industry and Commerce and found that in the fourth quarter of 2016, the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce carried out quality inspections on the energy-saving lamp products sold in supermarkets and shopping malls in Qingyang District, Jinjiang District, Chenghua District, and Jianyang City in Chengdu and commissioned them. Sichuan Electronic Products Supervision and Inspection Institute was inspected.

Mainly for energy-saving lamps, marking, structure, terminals, dust, anti-solid foreign body and waterproof, insulation resistance and dielectric strength, interchangeability, power, prevent electric shock, mechanical strength, heat resistance, fire and flame, lamp The dimensions, power factor, luminous flux, color terminal power disturbance voltage, harmonic current, voltage dips, and short-term interruption immunity were examined.

Sampling results show that one of the nominal trademarks is "NVC Lighting" LED bulb (nominal manufacturer is "Guangdong Dehao NVC Lighting Co., Ltd.", specification is "LEDA50F5W-3000K", production date or batch number For "2016.09.18") The voltage at the power supply terminal has been disqualified.

It is reported that the industrial and commercial administration has ordered the operators to delist the unqualified products and investigate and deal with the illegal acts of distributing unqualified products according to law. At the same time, the operators are required to carry out rectification, and they can be listed and sold only after being rectified and reviewed.

Survey: NVC Lighting Becomes a “Black Lister”

The reporter learned that this is not the first time that NVC Lighting's products have entered the “black list” of product sampling. Prior to this, NVC Lighting was frequently listed in the list of unsatisfactory spots around the country, which can be described as a “black list frequent visitor”.

On February 22 this year, the Anhui Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce issued a report on the quality inspection of online trading products. A nominal trademark is “NVC”, a production company is “Zhongshan NVC Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.”, and the operator is “Wuhu Lei. Shishi Lighting E-commerce Co., Ltd. "Specification model number is "NVX18", production batch number is "2015.09.29". Ceiling lamp X07 was judged as "internal wiring project" failed.

In August last year, the Shanghai Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision issued 2016 Shanghai embedded lamp product quality supervision and spot checks. The results showed that the nominal trademarks were "nVc NVC Lighting" "Sanxiong Aurora" "CDN Seaton Electric" and other 5 batches. The sample failed. Among them, the "NVc NVC Lighting" LED downlight produced by "Huizhou NVC Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd." failed and the unqualified project was "external wiring and internal wiring, limit value".

On February 4, last year, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce published the Public Notice of the Quality Inspection Results of Lighting Equipment Products in the Circulation Sector of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce. One is labeled as "NVC", and the specification and model is "1X13W220V50Hz." The table lamp with the batch number “April 21, 2013” and the nominal production enterprise as “Huizhou NVC Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.” was listed as unqualified due to structural (stationary/structural clamping force) and disturbance voltage. Into the failed list.

Manufacturer: Information not yet received

NVC Lighting's products frequently board products around the "black list". Does the manufacturer have any response measures?

On April 13, the reporter called NVC Lighting Customer Service Hotline. The staff member said that they did not receive the relevant information and they were "unclear" about the unqualified spot check.

According to Chengdu's sampling inspection, the “Power Disturbance Voltage Disqualification” project was introduced by experts. Since electronic ballasts and electronic transformers are commonly used as the main control devices, electronic products with unqualified power terminal termination voltage items are working. High-frequency harmonic signals will be generated in the middle. These high-frequency signals propagate through the power supply terminals through the power grid, which will bring electromagnetic pollution and harass the normal operation of the surrounding electronic equipment. Severely, it may also adversely affect the safe operation of the power grid and human health. .

"NVC Lighting is also considered a well-known brand in the industry. Having been repeatedly asked questions, manufacturers should reflect on and publicize countermeasures," said a lighting salesman in Jinan.

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