Lighting project of Collection Museum of Horse Culture Museum of Hai Lan group

- Sep 05, 2018-

Lighting project of Collection Museum of Horse Culture Museum of Hai Lan group

This project is a 3000 square meter horse culture exhibition hall, which mainly displays ancient Chinese horse culture exhibits and European hand-decorated carriages. The exhibition hall is divided into six areas, namely, the pottery hall, the colored horse hall, the treasure hall, the pottery figurine hall, the transitional area of the carriage hall, and the carriage hall.


The design concept is to strengthen the light-shadow relationship of the object under illumination by means of contrast between light and shade, to emphasize the combination of light and shade, virtual and real in the light, and to integrate the thoughts of ancient Chinese Taoist Yin-yang and Five Elements in the light design, so that the first feeling of the exhibits to visitors is a sharp contrast between light and shade, but after a careful taste and then again. It is a fusion of unified light and shadow experience.

Lighting technical indicators

78 sets of 14W track spotlights.

65 sets of 20W track spotlights.

3W 30 sets of embedded down lights.

1W 12 sets of buried lamps.

3W embedded small track lamp 476 sets;

1.2W 20 sets of low power projection lamps.

45W 140 sets of Ming mounted down lights.

The investment amount of this project is 646000 yuan.

Energy saving measures and effects

1, the lighting in the exhibition hall is controlled by WIFI. Control is divided into two display modes, namely, the cleaning mode and the exhibition mode. Managers can flexibly supervise and control the lighting circuit in the venue through mobile phone APP intelligent control, which is not limited by time and distance. Each luminaire circuit in the showcase can be dimmed by smart dimming APP. Moreover, after the replacement of the exhibits, the commissioning of the shade space is reserved.

2, all the lamps and lanterns of the design are LED light source.

3. The power density values of the cleaning mode and the exhibition mode are 2.1W and 1.3W respectively. The power density values are far lower than those of the museum lighting standards in China.

Lighting design innovation

1. All the lamps and lanterns in the exhibition cabinet are embedded in the exhibition cabinet to hide. The track of the lamps and lanterns are integrated with the exhibition cabinet so as to avoid visitors seeing the lamps and lanterns outside the exhibition cabinet.

2. The lamps and lanterns can move left and right in the cabinet and rotate 270 degrees, which is beneficial to the later lighting debugging and the lighting adjustment after replacing the exhibits in the cabinet.

3. The color of the ceiling in the exhibition hall is black. The lamps and orbits on the ceiling are all black, so as to weaken the influence of the lamps and lanterns on the space.

4. At the same time, each set of lamps and lanterns in the exhibition hall are selected according to the size of the exhibits and different beam angle lamps and lanterns, so as to minimize glare 1.

Evaluation of actual operation of projects

The project has been in operation for ten months since it was completed in May 2017. In the operation of stability and energy-saving has a very good advantage, the control mode is extremely convenient and simple, does not need to be on duty in the general control room, just need to use mobile phone or Ipad control can be simple, efficient, convenient and timely. The saving effect of energy saving and personnel cost is obvious.

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