Lighting function

- Sep 26, 2016-

Basic function is to provide electrical connections to the light source, in addition to many other important functions. Most of the light source emits light in all aspects, this is a waste for most applications and the resulting glare. Therefore, for most lighting, and adjust the light to the desired location, at the same time to minimize light loss, reducing the glare of the light, has a satisfactory overall and intensive light lit and unlit decorative is a function of their environment. Lamps must be durable and light, if necessary, sometimes one for control of electrical accessories electrical, mechanical and thermal safety shell.
Protection from light: light source in addition to electrical connections, there must be mechanical support and protection, depending on the degree of protection depending on the requirements.
Suitable mechanical properties: lamp parts must have strong mechanical strength, so as to ensure that when installing and using the appropriate durability and strong full suspension strength, corrosion of metal parts must have sufficient capacity.
Housing requirements: dust proof and waterproof outdoor lamp must have strict requirements, and the interior lighting on certain special requirements should provide protection, to protect against water and dust intrusion. Classified according to the degree of dust and moisture enclosure protection rating, protection class.

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